1950's Vintage Melbourne Tram

Two special treats yesterday. I decided to escape the hotel room to do some exercise in the park. I took a tram in the FREE TRAM ZONE and this beauty happened to be the first tram that came along. The 2 interior photos were taken as the tram passed through MELBOURNE CENTRAL. I’d say these trams would normally be packed but because of COVID-19 lock-down I got a very special treat. I had the tram all to myself for the entire 10-minute-trip as it ambled back to Southern Cross Train Station. This fully-restored 1950’s tram is a tourist tram that has a commentary that points out prominent Melbourne landmarks and tourist attractions. I got to my destination and didn’t want to get off! … Now come to think of it, I don’t know why I did get off! It was a Sunday- I should stayed on and continued enjoying myself.

This is what I love so much about Melbourne- there are so many things to do and the best things are normally free. I doubt I’ll ever forget this trip and it cost me nothing!

The other rare treat I got yesterday was 5 minutes of sunshine while I was exercising! I think the 5 minutes of sun was just about as rare as my ride on this tourist tram! I’ve learnt that when I’m in Melbourne you take the sun while you can get it because it never lasts long. The long bleak days (especially in winter) are the times I yearn to get back “home” to the Sunny Coast. I often get back after 4 weeks in Melbourne in winter and it feels like I’ve stepped into another hemisphere. Long, grey, drizzly days where the temperature refuses to climb above 12 degrees and then I get back to the Sunshine Coast- the place always seems to live up to it’s name, especially in Winter. Long sunny days without a cloud in sight and beautiful temperatures that often climb to 24 degrees in the middle of Winter!