iNVISeDGE operated in Sydney (Newtown and the City) for 8 years. I then moved interstate and operated in Brisbane for about 2 years. In 2013 I moved to the North of Brisbane. (About 14 years all up.) Click on the ABOUT ME tag above if you have further interest in the story of iNVISeDGE. (Ebay has since removed this for all sellers so we’re now all faceless robots working for them. But here is my face. :+))

Viewings of furniture items will sometimes be possible (all furniture is in storage)- send me a question and your phone number if the photos and description don’t meet your needs. I can pay for an agent to go to my storage site if needed. Read my 1140+ feedback comments (ALL for vintage furniture/decor SALES- 100 or so are from repeat customers). I have had no negative feedback in over 14 years selling on ebay and this has been my full-time occupation. This is your guarantee that I work hard to describe all my stock as accurately as possible and will not stock items I can’t personally recommend- some items I acquire don’t end up in iNVISeDGE because they don’t make the grade. (I sell these under a different user name on ebay.) I have had furniture items go all over the world (sight unseen) and do everything that’s reasonably possible to make my customers happy with their choice to support my business.