The listing price is OFFERS OVER AU $1500 for ALL 6 chairs- in AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS (SIGNIFICANTLY LESS in American dollars). These chairs sold from our North Brisbane depot in Morayfield, Brisbane. This listing has also been uploaded into iNVISeDGE for research purposes and for Australian residents to express interest in buying or SELLING a similar item through our (Australian) online store. Our commission fee is 5% to 18.5% to sell an item like this on your behalf. (18.5% for private sellers).


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Set of 6 (six) ORIGINAL Casala chairs in WHITE. The listed price is OFFERS OVER AU $1500 for ALL SIX CHAIRS. Sorry SOLD from our Brisbane depot in Morayfield. These chairs were freighted to Melbourne for $200 for all 6 chairs (because they stack into each other).

Background Info and Provenance

In my opinion this is THE best outdoor chair design ever made for under-covered outdoor areas. They’re just stunning! We had a heap of fun photographing these- they look incredible from EVERY angle. Stylish, sinewy but with a dash of “pop-art” added to the mix- these are more than just beautiful!

But the looks is just a very small part of the appeal. If these don’t sell in about a week, I’m moving them to cheaper long-term storage and keeping them for when I put my next home together. I did buy this set for myself but I don’t need them for 3 years yet so have decided to reluctantly put them up on my website.

This is the ONLY set of 6 WHITE VINTAGE Casala chairs I’ve ever had in incredible ORIGINAL condition (after almost 20 years of trading).

These chairs tick every box. One thing I really love about this design is that they stack. This means you can have 4 or 6 permanently set up in your outdoor area and have an extra stack somewhere if you want to extend your outdoor suite for alfresco dinner parties at home (might be happening a bit more than normal as we come into Spring and Summer 2020, especially for our poor Melbourians STILL in lockdown!). The durability is what gets these vintage Casalas the biggest tick of approval though. These chairs are almost 50 YEARS old- just look at them! No guessing the quality on offer here. I’m pretty certain this set is fibreglass- they scrubbed up extremely well (easily, painlessly- they’re now extremely clean). I’ve been told car polish will help seal them and keep them looking clean for longer. This particular set has NEVER been used in full weather so none were discoloured from mould and mildew- just minor marks from normal use. Many Casala chairs are very weathered after all these years (they’re almost 50 years old!)- most can only be restored by taking them to a smash repairer to get professionally two-packed in paint which is very expensive.

These chairs get a huge tick for investment appeal as well. This is the only set of 6 chairs I came across online for sale WORLDWIDE at the time of writing (August 2020). I saw a single chair listed in AMERICA for $1703. For ONE bloody chair! Our listed price for SIX CHAIRS is LESS than the price of one overseas- I can’t see there being any way these could lose one cent of value while you get to use and enjoy having them in your home. You’ll not get that from new furniture! This set has the VINTAGE (1970’s) Casala tag and the registered design number on the back to guarantee the re-sale value in the future (but why would you ever want to sell them??).

The Casala chair (also known as the Casalino) is a design classic. Stylish, stunning BUT incredibly TIMELESS- the Casala will never go out style. Designed in the mid-1970’s in Germany by Alexander Begge, the Casala chair looks cutting edge even by today’s standards- imagine the sensation they caused back in the 70’s. This was THE outdoor chair to have. You could find Casalino chairs scattered around sparkling, aquamarine pools in Hollywood, in the most exclusive residences in the Greek islands, even the swankiest of Sydney hotels back in the day. Picture the tanned starlets in the 1970’s lounging in this iconic chair between dips in the pool. To top it off this design is super-comfortable- the angles are spot-on (you just seem to melt into these). The design has armrests for extra comfort but this is not a big and cumbersome chair. Casalas are equally as glam inside or out (I had a customer- way back in 2004- who purchased a set of Casala chairs to use in a small Sydney apartment to move between his inside area and small balcony.)

These chairs have not only avoided landfill, they’ve INCREASED in price since the 1970’s (and significantly). After modern “designer” chairs (and replicas) have broken and ended up as landfill, this set of vintage ORIGINALS will be passed onto a new generation telling more stories as they go. Investing in quality vintage design (and new items built to last) is our only way out of this mess. There’s NO better way to invest in your home … financially, environmentally and from a social perspective. By supporting iNVISeDGE you’re also giving meaningful employment to local people. It’s a win – win – win!

2008 and 2112

This set of FOUR chairs are in incredible condition for chairs that were made in 1975 (note- I have included a photo with this listing that has the date of manufacture stamp). There are NO cracks or structural defects at all. All four chairs are largely clean. The chairs have no damage at all. I cleaned up one chair that was in a condition indicative of the full set. That chair cleaned up extremely well and showed me that the remaining chairs will clean up exactly the same. The cleaned-up chair shows NO noticeable marks or scratches. The other 3 were given a quick once over and I removed the worst of the marks on each. The remaining 3 chairs will need a more detailed clean and this will get them presenting extremely well. They are NOT new but after a quick clean they will present as well as you could possibly expect for OUTDOOR chairs of this nature (and age). It appears as though this set has never been used in full weather which is no mean feat for chairs that are over 45 years old! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Measurements from the previous set of Casala chairs we had. We haven't measured these but I can't imagine them being much different (they are labelled originals / vintage chairs). Height- 72cm. Across- 56cm. Depth- 55cm. Seat height- 41cm. For FREIGHT estimate for stack of 6 = 0.87 X 0.56 X 0.9 = 0.43 cbm (so less than 0.5 cbm for the stack).
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