Price is $595 for the set of 4 STAINLESS STEEL stools. This set SOLD from our Brisbane depot in Morayfield but could have been transported Australia-wide for a reasonable additional fee.


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SOLD! Price was $550 for the set of 4 Designer stainless steel stools. This set SOLD from our North Brisbane depot in Morayfield (transported Australia-wide of all our items is also available for a reasonable additional fee). These stack into each other so the cbm size won’t be much. Approx $170 to get all four to Sydney. 

Provenance and Background Info

(Written in 2020)

These are coming from my own personal collection. I’ve just sold my apartment and won’t be buying another place for some years so have decided (reluctantly) to part with them. I tried researching them online before doing this listing but can’t find anything like them anywhere worldwide. They are similar to the famous “Fly-Line” chairs- an Italian design sensation from the 1980’s but they’re better than any of the Fly Line ones I saw. The workmanship is exceptional- the joint areas are incredibly meticulous- all joint areas are barely noticed, if at all. The design is so tidy and minimalist, it’s the tidiness that takes focus, giving them an architectural slant. I was told these were made in the late-1980’s from the original owners- they also said they were Italian. I see no reason to dispute this. I’ve never come across anything like them in Australia after 20 years dealing in special furniture (found only in Australia).

The big draw-card with these is the durability. They’re STAINLESS STEEL so go extremely well in full weather. I had them on a rooftop terrace for 2.5 years- they had no protection from the elements at all- full-sun all day, rain and salt-spray coming off the ocean. We polished up the frames ready for the sale … that’s it … about 10 mins on each stool and now they look virtually new again. I’d say I only needed to polish the frames because of the salt in the air too- they polished up quickly and easily. Nearly all furniture struggles in full-weather but I see no reason why these won’t last a lifetime in full weather if not more … and that’s what you’re paying for here. Outdoor furniture is one of the worst offenders when it comes to landfill- not much is going to survive in the Australian climate. These have been tried and tested (see the photographs that show where they were used for the last 2.5 years in Queensland near the ocean). We also had a few bad storms go through the area and they didn’t even blow over- the design is faultless. They also don’t collect the rain- water passes straight through. They need no upkeep- they can be left outside and you never have to worry about them.

I was unsure of the green colour when I bought them but I very quickly came to like it. They tie in well with any greenery in your area and the green gives the design a bit of personality. The tops of the cords have darkened just very recently- I actually prefer them like this. Interestingly this didn’t happen until after I took them off the rooftop and put them in storage ??? They are all still perfectly stable and sturdy- the cords are all strong and in brilliant structural condition. Despite being at least 30 years old and used outdoors they all present extremely well and are completely functional.

Quality outdoor furniture is hard to get. It took me ages to find these. I wasn’t sold on the green colour at the start but regardless of this I didn’t hesitate to buy them the second I found them. Outdoor pieces like this just don’t come up- the quality is irrefutable, the comfort is great (cord designs are very intelligent) and I knew they wouldn’t lose any value as I got to use and enjoy them- you won’t be able to say that for much furniture these days- particularly items that are going to be used outside. There’s no better way I can think of to invest in your home and the future of our environment.


All 4 chairs are structurally very strong and sturdy with no structural signs of use or age at all. Cosmetically they also present incredibly- particularly considering they are vintage AND it's outdoor furniture. The plastic cords have darkened on top (this is purely cosmetic and doesn't affect the chairs in any way). I prefer the look of them since the cord darkened. The sleek design is now what stands out more and the green colour only peeks through occasionally. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Measurements. Height- 72.5cm. Across- 43cm. Depth- 32cm. The stools are very durable and stack into each other so it would be viable (pretty cheap) to send them interstate.
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