6 chairs SOLD in 3 days from a regular iNVISeDGE seller in Geelong, near Melbourne for $660 (August 2020)- read our description for further details. This listing has been uploaded for people wishing to express interest in buying a similar item through iNVISeDGE and for research purposes. (We sell Mitzi chairs from regular sellers ONLY as sets of 6 or more … ONLY!)


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Sorry SOLD for $660 in the first 3 days they were listed in our NEWLY LISTED Category (before they were shared on social media). Keep following our website or Instagram! Everything gets listed right in our Newly Listed Category WELL BEFORE INSTAGRAM! Melbourne delivery arrangements still pending due to current lock-down! (We’re having “Coronavirus issues” at the moment with this sale due to movement restrictions. The Victorian Premier created this second-wave through poor leadership and now we ALL have to suffer! The decision-making of the Queensland Premier has been highly questionable too.
The listed price- $795- WAS for all 6 dining chairs. Now SOLD pending pick-up arrangements! The table is priced SEPARATELY. A mark-down was applied on these chairs (for the first week of the listing only)- $135 was taken off the listed price. SOLD immediately in August 2020 for $660 for all 6 chairs.
This vintage suite SOLD UNDER consignment from a regular iNVISeDGE seller in Geelong, near Melbourne. iNVISeDGE organised all facets of the sale on behalf of our vendor including delivery AUSTRALIA-WIDE.

Provenance and Background Info

Most of this description was written in 2019 when we sold our last set of Mitzi chairs. 

I think the Mitzi design by Grant Featherston is way under-valued and offers a very solid investment opportunity. This is a beautiful chair with its sinewy lines and lean stylish profile. The Mitzi has all the fun of the 1950’s-era with a good dash of elegant sophistication in the mix… And these chairs are so damn COMFORTABLE. They’re some of the most comfortable dining chairs you’ll ever find. To top it off they’re extremely DURABLE. In the 19 years I’ve been in this business, I’ve never seen anything significant go wrong with Mitzi chairs. They’re now nearing 60 years-old and have held up extremely well with use and time. The seats are perfectly curved and the angles are spot on for sitting in for long periods.

The Mitzi design is often overlooked but has everything going for it. They’re a very smart investment if you have a family as they do very well with solid use and they’re one of those very rare furniture offerings you can confidently use with children that will actually hold it’s value over time (in my opinion sets of 6 Mitzi chairs in neutral tones (or black or orange) should continue to increase along with inflation forever). They’ve increased in value by about 10% since the set I sold back in 2006 and I see no reason why steady gains shouldn’t continue. I love the covering of this particular set too. This is a quality vinyl that looks virtually the same as aniline leather (the really expensive leather) but this is vinyl so the upkeep is easy and this covering is much more durable than any leather I’ve come in contact with.

Grant Featherston is the most celebrated designer to ever come out of Australia- the Mitzi has been long-celebrated because of the sheer practicality of the design. (These chairs can even stack too!)

After modern dining chairs have ended up as landfill, these 60 year-old Featherston-designed gems will be passed onto yet another generation to enjoy. There are very few better ways to invest in your home and reduce landfill.


These chairs are about 60 years old so show various signs of use and age however there's NO abuse or significant damage that ruins the suite. Every chair (and the table) is structurally solid and sturdy with no structural issues at all. All of the original foot-stoppers are still in place on both the table and the chairs. The vinyl is original and has some small minor signs of use- these minor signs of use are mainly on one chair which has a small tear in the vinyl (see image 15 for reference). This could be rectified by a leather restorer, for a minimal fee. The brown finish to the metal frames also shows the expected signs of use for chairs of this age. ALL Mitzi / Scape chairs that retain the original metal finish will have some signs of use. Some of this adds to the vintage character of the chairs. The few signs of use that are more noticeable could be easily touched up. I'd personally go to Bunnings and get a small tin of paint mixed in this exact colour (about $18) and blend small areas where losses of the original finish are more noticed. It is a matter of taste and any chairs that have noticed areas of loss can be displayed around the table in such a way they're not noticed. The chairs have not been abused (just used and loved) and overall present very well for vintage chairs of this age. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ For a Scape / Mitzi suite in fully original condition, the full suite looks excellent set-up. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Measurements: Table length- cm. Table width- cm. Table height- cm. Chair total height- 81cm. (Nice high backs for extra support and comfort). Chair width- 43cm at the widest point. Chair depth- 40cm.
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