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The description, heaps more photos and price will be set in the next 2 or so weeks. I have about 13 items in the queue before this listing will be finished. Contact us now if you want 1st dibs on this lamp.

This listing is being sold UNDER CONSIGNMENT by a private seller in BRUNSWICK, Melbourne. This lot is part of a deceased estate. In this case buyers will be required to organise their own freight. iNVISeDGE will give buyers 3 suitable carriers for their location. (For more unusual locations only 1 or 2 freight carriers may be given.)

Very cool salvaged ship’s spotlight / floodlight. These authentic pieces have become so popular in recent years that similar replicas made from cheap flimsy metals are now coming out of China. This piece is HEAVY and very solid. It has all the marks and bumps you’d expect of an authentic vintage piece- real antique character. The wiring is there but the plug has been cut-off. It’s a simple job for an electrician to get working again. I’ve seen these mounted on top of a stand to convert them as a floor lamp. It’s very heavy though- I think it’s perfect to have on a table or on top of a display stand. It is very stable on any flat surface (it would be nearly impossible to knock it over).

The B & B Italia Fortuny lamp (the final photo) is shown for display purposes only- I’ve seen these ship’s spotlights added to stands like the one on the base of the Fortuny lamp.

Background Info and Provenance


DOES NOT APPLY TO THIS ITEM!!! THIS SECTION WILL BE UPDATED SHORTLY!!! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Overall this lamp is in excellent condition. The tripod and outer dome is metal (it looks powder-coated to me) with no noticeable marks or damage (NO rust, NO aging ect). Fabric is stretched over the dome and this has been meticulously done. The fabric is HIGH-QUALITY (probably a muslin) and is hard to damage. As such the fabric is in brilliant condition despite that I’m now the third owner. This tripod lamp is about 12 years old but has very little to show for its years (nothing noticeable at all). This is a heavy lamp and is almost impossible to knock over. The base section is adjustable and the legs can stretch over a large floor area making it extremely stable. The height is fully adjustable and the dome can be swung in any direction you want and tilt. It can move in any way you’d want. Fortuny Floor Lamp Measurements The cord is about 320cm in length. THERE IS AN IN-LINE FOOT SWITCH IN THE CORD. The dome lamp-shade section has a diameter of about 94cm all up. The height of the lamp for the photos was 197cm in total (BUT THIS IS FULLY ADJUSTABLE- it can be really high if desired if you have high ceilings. The tripod height in the photos is 107cm. FOR FREIGHT- 1.97 X 0.94 X 0.48 = 0.89 cubic metres. Read my 1150+ ebay feedback comments (ALL for vintage furniture/decorative arts SALES) to be assured that all my items are in excellent condition and I strive to describe them as accurately as I can.
VIEWINGS, PICK-UP and Delivery Freight Info ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This item is located in Brunswick, MELBOURNE. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ VIEWINGS . . . of furniture items will usually be possible (all furniture is in storage though). Send me a question and your phone number and/or email address if the photos and description don’t meet your needs. I can arrange an agent to go to the storage site if needed. Read my 1150+ ebay feedback comments (ALL for vintage furniture/decor SALES-100 or so are from repeat customers). I have had no negative feedback in over 19 years selling on ebay and this has been my full-time occupation. This is your guarantee that I work hard to describe my stock as accurately as possible and will not stock items I can’t personally recommend. Some items I acquire don’t end up in iNVISeDGE because they don’t make the grade. (I sell these under a different user-name on ebay.) I have had furniture items go all over the world (sight unseen) and do everything that’s reasonably possible to make my customers happy with their choice to support my business. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We help customers with freight arrangements in every way we can BUT booking in transit (and paying for freight) is the responsibility of THE BUYER. I made a conscious choice to get rid of my vehicle in 2009 (for environmental reasons) so I have a depth of experience in the area of furniture freight. I will inform all iNVISeDGE customers of the transport carriers best suited to their job, what each carrier charges and their strengths. CUSTOMERS WILL BOOK IN THEIR OWN FREIGHT so they’re in control of what’s happening and will know exactly what’s going on. At any time though customers have the option to consult with us. Our experience in the area will ensure you’re looked after and the freight process will be seamless and easy. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A ROUGH IDEA OF FREIGHT PRICES by specialist professional FURNITURE carriers. . . LOCAL DELIVERIES tend to be ABOUT $80 to $100 for a ONE-MAN delivery (for ONE standard sized item eg. 3.5-seater sofa or a set of 6 dining chairs). If you live over 25km away from the item, delivery will be AROUND $120 but it depends on various factors such as access issues and when you can receive the item. Sydney is a little more expensive compared to Brisbane (as another example) . . . . . . . “Normal” INTERSTATE DELIVERY (eg. Brisbane to Sydney OR Melbourne to Sydney) is generally about $250 for ONE standard-sized item (eg. a 3.5-seater sofa or a set of 6 dining chairs but it can depend on various factors. Sometimes it will be cheaper- $250 is about the average. Smaller items are less than $250. If you have a really big sofa (as an example) it will usually be around $280. These prices are given so you have a rough idea of whether interstate delivery might be an option for you. If you are unsure about it all please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.
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