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LOCATION– Our Brisbane Northside depot at Morayfield, but this chair can be transported Australia-wide for a reasonable additional fee. Approx $160 to Sydney.

Provenance and Background Info

(Written in 2022)

A stunning feature chair with a sleek, minimalist cantilever design. This one is graceful and flowing and attracts attention because of its understated elegance. I’m not sure of the background of this one- I’m almost certain it’s not an Australian design. I’m pretty sure it’s Danish, Swedish or possibly Norwegian. It’s definitely VINTAGE from the 1970’s. The leather is that quality FULL-GRAIN leather they used in the Scandinavian countries back in the 1970’s- it’s thick, soft and supple (and after all these years, it’s still in amazing condition). The frame is Beech or Oak- it’s a lighter-coloured timber that has been stained with stencil to mimic Walnut or Rosewood. This was common back in the 1970’s- these timbers were running out (Rosewood had become endangered by then) and manufacturers at the time stained available timbers to mimic these highly sought-after (and rare) timbers. The way the timber has been done and the quality of the leather helps pinpoint the age of this chair- apart from the age, I have no further information about it.

Most dealers in mid-century furniture classify this design as Danish (there were a couple in this exact design on 1stdibs a couple of months back but those listings are no longer there). The Norwegian designs of this era (such as Falcon chairs and Westnofa Siesta chairs) are widely known- this one is less known simply because there’s not many of them around.

This is FULL-GRAIN LEATHER which is top of the range as far as QUALITY is concerned- the cost of proper full-grain leather means that it is rarely used in furniture anymore. The investment appeal on offer here is obvious. Falcon chairs used to fetch about $1000-$1100 each back in 2001 when I first started iNVISeDGE. These days they’re getting around $2400 each- I’ve  even seen them priced up to $2700 each in some design shops in Sydney and Melbourne. Westnofa Siesta chairs are now getting about $1500 each in Australia- I think this design is at least in line with the Siesta (but MUCH rarer). This piece of the same era (c. 1970’s) is under-priced here and bound to increase in value over the years. The design is timeless and the construction is A1!

To top it off, the comfort is great- the suspended comfort here creates a true relaxation piece in every sense of the word. Your back is fully relaxed in this chair.

You don’t need to spend $7000 or more in the design shops and wonder what quality you’ll be getting. This vintage chair has held up incredibly well with use- the photos are irrefutable proof of the quality you’ll be getting. This vintage Scandinavian piece will continue to tell stories from this generation to the next. There’s no better way I can think of to invest in your home and reduce landfill.

In the same league as Artek, Anibou, Westnofa and exceeds Tessa, Parker, FLER and Danish Deluxe.


This chair is in excellent condition for its age. (Produced in the 1970’s.) The frame is solid and very sturdy with NO breaks, NO repairs, NO movement in any joint area, NO cracks in the timber (nothing of the sort). The timber may have a few minor surface marks over the years but nothing that’s noticed (as our photos show). There’s no cosmetic damage that I saw. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This leather is PREMIUM full-grain leather. Some modern “leathers” disintegrate in years. Not this. It’s beautifully soft and supple, in excellent condition with nothing specific worth noting. The leather has NO holes, NO cracks through the leather, NO splits, NO significant wear, NO noticeable scratches, NO bad creases (just minor patina / wear to the paint finish to be expected of quality leather that’s about 50 years old. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The canvas sling is strong- the original stitching is all in brilliant condition. The sling has done it's job perfectly for about 50 years and I see no reason why it won't hold up to another 50 years of use or more. The angles created by the suspended seat are great- this is a relaxation piece in every sense of the word. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Measurements. Across- cm. Depth- cm. Total Height- cm. Seat Height- cm. Depth of Seat- . FOR FREIGHT- 0.cbm. Read my 1200+ ebay feedback comments (ALL for vintage furniture and vintage decor SALES- 100 or so from repeat customers) to be assured that this chair are as described and that I will only stock items in excellent condition.
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