SOLD from the iNVISeDGE Pascoe Vale depot, MELBOURNE in 2020 during the COVID-19 lockdown. This listing has also been uploaded for research purposes and for people wishing to express interest in buying OR SELLING a similar item through iNVISeDGE. Click on the links below.


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SOLD FOR A SPECIAL PRICE OF ONLY $995 at the end of March 2020 on the first day of lock-down. Was picked up from our Pascoe Vale depot within 24 hours of this special price being advertised. Was priced to sell immediately to free up space at our Melbourne depot and it did.

$995 for one week ONLY! After that the sofa will be moved into (very) long-term storage (that I don’t have to pay for- I’d just rather not move it! Never to be repeated opportunity! Any offers below that will be IGNORED! BELOW cost price- I’d rather store it for 10 years than sell it for a cent less than this!

Background Info and Provenance

(Description updated in 2020)

A FLER Day/Night sofa made in the early 1960’s. These sofas are coveted pieces of design- I get requests from people wanting to buy this design more than any other sofa. They’re popular for their practicality and looks. This stylish piece folds back effortlessly into a bed similar to a queen-size bed. This is the original model released by Fler. (The design was so popular it had quite a long production run.) The metal-latch, metal pin and fold-out metal legs point to this. The later models had less metal hardware (so would have been cheaper to produce). The additional metal legs on this version adds stability when the sofa is in the fold-down position.

The big thing about this one that I like is the blonde-toned timber frame (this is an early one before the darker teak and blackwood furniture came into vogue). One of possibly two sofas in this design I’ve seen over the past 19 years in the lighter-tone, this sofa is visually less-imposing and has more of a “Swedish look”, making it easier to blend with a larger variety of spaces. (I’m pretty sure it’s Coachwood- or possibly Tasmanian Oak ?).

Adding to the practicality is the fact that the cushions are loose and sit on top of the sculpted timber frame. This is a great design feature allowing the covers to be machine-washed when needed (just replace them while they’re still damp to prevent shrinkage). Equally as attractive is the re-upholstery. Simply take the covers with your new fabric to anyone with a sewing machine and voila- a new lounge without shelling out a fortune. This sofa is in 1970’s velvet (probably second-generation fabric). The covering is non-offensive, neutral and looks pretty good on the piece. The piece would look even better re-upholstered but there’s no doubt it could certainly be enjoyed as is. The cushions are also reversible- great if they’re looking a bit grubby and visitors are due- just flip them over!

The last day/night sofa in this style I sold (but it wasn’t a FLER) was almost 3 years ago. Re-upholstered I’ve seen them sell for $2500 and more. This is also another example of furniture design that has increased in value in the last 10-15 years. In 2005 I sold one of these for $1095 re-upholstered. It’s more likely than not that they will continue to increase in value in future years. I’ve never seen lounges like this new in the shops.

Replica furniture may be cheap but what are you really getting? Something that’s doubtful to last like this piece has, something with no investment appeal (buy it and lose hundreds of dollars instantly) and something that exploits the people and earth to produce it. Vintage furniture and in fact any furniture built to stand the test of time and carefully consider function and durability is our only way out of this mess. There’s no better way to invest in your home and reduce landfill.


This day/night sofa is in excellent condition for its age. The timber frame is solid and sturdy with NO movement in any joint, NO wobbles and NO structural flaws. I’ve carefully inspected this piece all over (and have 19-years experience doing this). It’s imperative to do this with lounges such as this. In its upright position it’s very hard to damage- folded into a bed if it’s not used with some sense you can have problems. It's not made to have kids jump all over it in the bed position and not designed to have uninhibited riotous sex on. It will survive another 55 years if you use it with a little sense. This piece has been well looked-after over the years and is solid, strong and sturdy. The folding mechanism is original and works exactly as it should. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The frame is in excellent condition overall cosmetically. We opted to sand off some of the original stain that was darkening (it was going orange as these old finishes do). This exposes the lighter tone of the timber and gives the timber subtle highlights. I like it as is but you could obviously sand it fully back to get it lighter in colour again. This piece has some minor knocks, small bumps and minor scuffs, which you’d expect of a timber piece of this age but it presents extremely well overall. The inner-springs on the base are brilliant- they're springy and provide excellent support. Inner-springs are the superior base configuration. They well outlast normal webbing which sags over time and needs to be replaced. The inner-foam was replaced in the 1970's. The cushioning is a good choice for this type of sofa. Some people make the mistake of using very-high density foam in sofas like this because it tends to last longer but this makes them not comfortable enough. This sofa has the right amount of plushness you'd want in a sofa like this. Because the cushioning is very likely to be 40 years old it's obviously great quality- different to the majority of cushions in the marketplace today. The current cushioning is holding its shape and integrity well. The cushioning does the job and I see no reason to have it replaced. The current upholstery, which is also from the 1970's, is clean, presents extremely well and is also completely serviceable as is. It's velvet and has a different tone depending on how the light hits it (as shown in the photos). It's neutral and not offensive on this frame. A modern fabric would probably make it "pop" even more but the current fabric does the job and looks good. The velvet has no noticeable marks or odours and can be enjoyed as is. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Measurements. Across- 198 cm. Depth- 73 cm. Seat height- 45cm. Total height- 80cm. The back is higher on this one compared to others I've had which improves the comfort. The people who owned in the 1970's opted to put a higher back cushion on which was an intelligent decision in my opinion. It doesn't affect the look and is more comfortable. The section to be used as a bed measures 98cm X 180cm. FOR FREIGHT- about 1.22 cubic metres- the height can be reduced by laying the back-cushions flat. Read my 1200+ ebay feedback comments (100 or so from repeat customers) to be assured that this lounge sofa is as described and I won’t stock items unless they are in excellent condition.
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