SOLD TO LESLEY during lockdown (May 2020) for AU $220. NOTE- our prices are in AUSTRALIAN dollars! This listing has also been uploaded for research purposes and for people to express interest in buying or selling a similar item through iNVISeDGE. Click on the links below.


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SOLD TO LESLEY during lock-down (May 2020) for AU$220. Our prices are in AUSTRALIAN dollars which is significantly less in American $.

Provenance and Background Info

(Written in 2019)

A Kartell “Rocchetto” ABS / Plastic stool  / Side Table. This stool was designed by well-known Italian designer, Joe Colombo, in collaboration with Achille Castigilioni (and manufactured by Kartell). I’ve seen very few of these around in recent times. They’re rare on a worldwide platform and with the cushion they consistently fetch around AU $450 EACH. (See the screenshots in this listing- one is 300 euro = AU $478.) The screenshots show the only 2 Kartell Rocchetto stools I could find for sale on a WORLDWIDE platform at the moment (written in 2019). At that time there were NO Kartell Rochetto stools for sale in Australia.

You could get a seat cushion made for this stool (as shown in the screenshots) and lift it off to use as a side table- the full lid also lifts off to store items within.

Kartell was founded by Giulio Castelli and Anna Castelli Ferrieri in 1949. They began manufacturing automobile accessories and expanded into home furnishings in 1963. The home furnishings particularly from the late 1960’s / early 1970’s (which was when this design was done) became very popular and have become style icons of the era. Kartell is still in business to this day releasing heralded designs every year. Kartell is stocked by SPACE Furniture in Australia, a leader in providing high-end designer items to the discerning buyer.

This piece is about 50 years old and proves that well-made items stand the test of time. With a piece like this there’s no guessing the quality you’re getting- look at it after 50 years of use! And you also get the satisfaction of knowing the piece will retain its value like no new piece ever will. The Rochetto stool has steadily increased in value over the last 17 years I’ve been in this business and I see no reason why this won’t continue. There are very few better ways to invest in your home and reduce landfill.


This piece is about 50 years so will have tell-tale signs of use. This one has NO abuse though. It has obviously sustained various minor scratches and scuffs over the years. It may have areas that have lost some of shine but overall there's nothing that's noticed or spoils this collectable piece (as shown in the photos). The piece is obviously structurally solid and sturdy with NO cracks or splits in the ABS (toughened plastic).
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