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Provenance and Background Info

(Written in 2020.)

A stunning VINTAGE designer swivel chair. I sold a pair of these in better condition for $640 (back in 2013). I’ve only come across 6 of these chairs (in person) after being in this business almost 20 years. (NOTE- this is the last chair in a set of 4 I had- this one needs re-upholstery. The presentation of the upholstery is okay as is but it would look much better re-upholstered. This upholstery job is not hard- a home DIY enthusiast could do it or it’s a very easy job for an upholsterer. This upholstery doesn’t require ANY sewing!) This design by AUSTRALIAN company MODULE is rare! While researching on the internet I came across one other pair some some years ago being sold by a dealer in Melbourne. I’m 95% certain this dealer identified them as being designed and produced by Module. I didn’t save the details at the time (doh!) but I’m certain they’re Module and I remember this dealer substantiated his claim. Module is an Australian designer furniture brand that reached its heights in the late 1960’s to early 1970’s. Grant Featherston was a design consultant for Module in the late 1960’s- it’s possible he had a hand in the design of these chairs but I really don’t know. Even though Module is one of the big names in Australian furniture design history, it’s a lesser known brand. This is because their items were expensive in their day and not much of it is around. The chair on offer here is sensational in quality.

On top of the quality, this design ticks every other box. The design is eye-catching but more importantly not over the top- there’s a timelessness to this style too. Most designer furniture is bit like a flash in the pan- initially exciting but soon the excitement wears down and it all becomes quite stale. Despite being vintage (this design is certainly 1970’s) the styling of these chairs look like they could be on the floor of Space Furniture today and attract as much attention as they did all those years ago.

In Space Furniture, a chair of this design and quality would easily fetch around $1500. This is an extremely rare vintage chair- the chance of seeing any others again is almost nil.

The design is also very COMFORTABLE and I’ll put my money where my mouth is. I bought these as a set of three. I sold the other 3 (as a pair and a single) and kept this one for myself to use as a desk chair. I’ve been using it as a desk chair for over 3 years- I don’t want to sell this chair and I don’t want to store it for 2 years (all my personal furniture is in storage for another 2 years- long story which I won’t bore you with here!) My other desk chair (which was a Featherston) has now been sold. This chair is much better than the Featherston one I used to have.

This design ticks the durability box, the quality box, the looks box; they’re rare, they’ve got investment-appeal and most importantly they’re comfortable. It’s a bit sad to be letting this one go but I can’t store it for years- storage space for me is money!

One last thing, the orange pair I sold years back had a serial number engraved on each chair underneath. This was done by the previous owner- you just wouldn’t do that unless the chairs were worth some $.

The value of this FREE chair is about $500 re-upholstered (and the upholstery job here is BASIC!) You can pay $500 for many desk chairs today but ask yourself where those chairs will be 40 years from now. My guess is landfill. This Module chair is a great investment piece that has evaded landfill for over 40 years now! (At the time of writing- this design will very likely be passed onto the future generations!)


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