Sorry SOLD!

The first 3 photos are Whistle chairs we sold back in 2006! This Whistle Chair in CHARCOAL WOOL is the first Whistle Chair we’ve had for 14 years! This listing has been uploaded to iNVISeDGE for research purposes.


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Sorry SOLD!

This listing is for ONE Whistle Chair in Charcoal Wool. The PAIR of RED chairs SOLD back in 2006! I’ve seen no other Whistle chairs on the secondary market since the red ones- 14 years! THE CHAIR ON OFFER IS IN CHARCOAL WOOL! (Not red!) (See our vendor’s photos- the final 9 photos for what’s on offer.)

This chair is being sold from my vendor’s home in CANBERRA but delivery Australia-wide is reasonable in cost and can be easily arranged by one of our friendly team! Message us for a delivery estimate to your location.

Background Info and Provenance

A rare Norman and Quaine Whistle chair from the mid-1990’s that is pretty dam stunning! (IN CHARCOAL WOOL!) The Whistle chair is a highly-acclaimed AUSTRALIAN design that’s aesthetically pleasing with all those curves and graceful fluidity. Norman and Quaine, a pair of Australian designers, formed in 1989 and since then have produced an array of unique and much-admired furniture designs. Norman and Quaine’s designs have a subtle reference to the proportions and function of mid-century furniture. The Whistle chair is arguably the most well-known furniture design to come out of Australia in the 1990’s. This design was discontinued in 2006- it had a production run of about 12 years. The Whistle chair will undoubtedly be highly collectable in the future, much like Grant Featherston is today, due to its stunning design and LOW-VOLUME production IN AUSTRALIA using traditional craftsmanship and top-quality materials.

Whistle chairs weren’t cheap at the time. Because of the high-ticket price not many Whistle chairs were ever sold. This is only the third Whistle Chair I’ve come across to sell (after being in this business 20 years). Some people who visited my showroom (when I had the last pair) commented on how comfortable this chair design is- I personally don’t agree but with a lumbar-cushion in the small of my back I find it very comfortable- the angles are great. It holds you in a perfect seated position to support and relax your back BUT YOU NEED A LUMBAR CUSHION! As a feature chair in the lounge room, this stunning work of art would add a creative spark to your space- this is one of those very rare investment opportunities where I’m sure people will be surprised by what this Australian Whistle chair sold for back in 2020!

This piece has recently been PROFESSIONALLY reupholstered in a QUALITY charcoal WOOL (or wool blend- the vendor can’t remember anymore). And the vendor can also no longer remember how much the re-upholstery job was. I’m guessing about $450-$600. It needs an expert to do this and Australian experts in this area are a dying breed, highly sought-after and NOT cheap. If you’re looking for a creative well-paid career- try challenging upholstery jobs! It’s very lucrative and a dying art. The fabric would have cost about $150. All up I value re-upholstery at about $600 – $800! At this price it’s smart buying and VERY RARE so it shouldn’t lose any value in the future. Try getting that from new “designer” furniture! Most “designer” furniture today rips off someone else’s intellectual property. This is Norman & Quaine’s own- a great AUSTRALIAN achievement that will continue to tell stories to future generations and EVADE LANDFILL! There’s no better way I can think of to invest in your home, reduce your carbon footprint and LOCAL AUSTRALIAN enterprise. By investing in an item like this you’re investing in the Norman and Quaine brand BUT also iNVISeDGE- a small Australian business that employs ONLY LOCAL PEOPLE and values TOP-QUALITY vintage and second-hand design!

18 ? and 2008

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