NOTE- this listing price- $1240- is for the DQF TABLE only. The chairs are priced SEPARATELY. This listing is being sold under consignment from BUNDABERG, Queensland. Interstate freight can also be arranged through one of our preferred furniture carriers or one of your choice for a very reasonable fee. Let us know if you have a similar DQF dining suite you’d like to SELL. SMS us using the phone number on our CONTACT page.

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THIS DINING TABLE SOLD TO SIMON IN 2021 FOR $1240. Regularly click into our NEWLY LISTED Category or follow us on instagram.com/invisedge .

THE $1400 LISTING PRICE is for the DINING TABLE ONLY. We also have 6 matching dining arm-chairs. The chairs are priced SEPARATELY and will be listed in iNVISeDGE in our NEWLY LISTED Category shortly. Priority will be given to OFFERS OVER $3400 for the full dining suite. (The table and 6 arm-chairs.)

This suite is being sold under CONSIGNMENT from Bundaberg, Queensland. I travelled to Bundaberg to specifically work with this furniture. Other DQF furniture from this private household will appear in our NEW LISTED Category soon.

Background Info and Provenance

A VINTAGE dining table made in Murrarie, Brisbane, in 1980 by DQF (Danish Quality Furniture). This was one of the last tables DQF ever made before the onslaught of furniture from developing countries hit our market and forced virtually every Australian-furniture company out of business. (To my knowledge DQF lasted until the mid-1980’s before they could no longer compete with the cheap imports flooding in.)  50 cents an hour versus $23 an hour- it’s obvious we can NEVER compete. Do something to encourage local industry you stupid politicians! This table is likely to be the last original table design DQF ever released. It was a prototype developed by Danish Quality Furniture specifically for our clients in Bundaberg not long before DQF went out of business.

What a stunning piece! It may well be the first time the word stunning falls short to describe a table I’ve represented- it’s easily the nicest table I’ve had. (My opinion only but a courtesy look at my photos is enough to show you why I believe this.) I love the oval shape and the carved-out detail is incredible. This detailing may not look practical but place-mats are all you need to for all your items to be sturdy. (Including wine glasses- I shared a couple of dinners with this family at this dining suite and it was a joy to use.) This suite showcases all of what DQF was. The skill and creativity shown here needs no more words! (That might be a first for me … I’m speechless- lol!)

Despite 40 years of EVERY DAY use, this table is sturdy and SOLID, thanks to TOP-QUALITY workmanship. Notice how well the legs are supported under the table to ensure it’ll get generations of use. The elegant design has been beautifully crafted BY HAND and perfectly showcases the breath-taking cuts of Papua New Guinea ROSEWOOD. This is a highly-prized timber. By the mid-1980’s it was in such demand that it became outlawed to protect virgin forests. These days items in ROSEWOOD are highly sought-after due to the rarity and beauty of this timber. (The timber alone is worth our asking price.)

These private-sellers still have the original 1981 invoice from DQF. (I love the type-written entries and “”old-school” cursive writing on the receipt.) The FULL DINING SUITE cost $2000 (a sale-price because my clients were repeat DQF customers- they got various pieces of furniture made for their office as well, which was sold years ago). With INFLATION, $2000 is worth about $6400 today. This suite couldn’t even be made in China today for this asking price. You’ll be getting highly-prized ROSEWOOD timber plus HONEST craftsmanship at a fraction of what this could be made for today. NO shady workmanship here- why throw your money into landfill any longer? This table will retain its value (AT LEAST) while you get to enjoy using it in your home.

The story of DQF is one of inspiration and ingenuity. This immigrant family revolutionised the furniture market in Brisbane from the early 1960’s through until the early 1980’s. Grit, determination and a genuine love for what they were doing shines through in every DQF piece. Type, ‘’DQF” into our SEARCH box above to find another iNVISeDGE DQF listing if you having interest in reading the story of Danish Quality Furniture (DQF).

To top it off this table is as durable as it gets. It’s SOLID TIMBER (and was crafted properly in Australia by HAND)- NO flat-packing here and NO shitty Parker Furniture veneer! With sensible use, this table will last forever. The solid Rosewood cuts of timber have been carefully selected so the piece looks stunning with no need for veneer. Solid timber furniture is easy to sand-back as often as you want- you would have to be completely negligent to damage this one.

This suite is only on the market because my clients have retired and are down-sizing. The appeal of investing in vintage furniture is simple. When an item looks like this after 40 years of use you have irrefutable evidence that what you’re investing in will last the long-haul. Buying vintage furniture is one of the best ways (the best way?) to INVEST in your home and reduce landfill. This table will be of service for another 40 years (at least) before being passed onto yet another generation. It’s a win – win – win. At our price, you’re not only investing in something that will retain its value (at least), you’re also reducing your carbon-footprint (by eliminating needless landfill) PLUS you’re supporting iNVISeDGE, a locally-owned, locally-run SMALL business providing meaningful employment opportunities in our LOCAL community.


This VINTAGE dining table is in brilliant condition. It’s very solidly constructed with no damage or movement to the structure of the piece. It shows superior construction and is very SOLID- NO BREAKS, NO REPAIRS, NO SPILTS AROUND ANY JOINT, NO WOBBLES. For a table that has seen 40 years of use, the timber top is also in brilliant condition. It has NO damage and NO flaws that warrant a mention- NO noticeable stains, NO ring-marks, NO breaks in the timber, NO heat marks, NO noticeable knocks etc. The table has been used for 40 years so it’s NOT new but it has been looked after extremely well upon very close inspection you will notice very minor signs of use and age. If you scrutinise my photos, you’ll notice minor separation where the legs meet the table top. The legs extending above the top is DECORATIVE ONLY. The legs are perfectly STABLE and STURDY. I’ve inspected the construction- the legs are all perfectly supported underneath- the joint areas are UNDER the table- not above. The leg section extending above the table-top is purely cosmetic to show-off the skill of the artisan- it’s not structural. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Use the Magnifying Tool to get close and personal with this table. Click on the enlarged image to SUPER-SIZE it, then scroll over every part of the table closely. This table is ready to move in and be enjoyed immediately. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Measurements cm X cm at its widest. It has a height of cm. (For freight- cbm.) Read my 1200+ feedback comments (ALL for vintage furniture SALES) to be assured that all the items I sell are in excellent condition and are described as accurately as I can.
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