How to buy iNVISeDGE

How To Buy iNVISeDGE
Every iNVISeDGE item gets listed in the NEWLY LISTED Category on this website WELL BEFORE being posted on social media etc. About 30% of our furniture items sell within the first 8 DAYS of being listed in the NEWLY LISTED Category. Our best finds only appear on this website! If you’re NOT following the NEWLY LISTED Category you often won’t know that an item has come in until after it has sold.
The iNVISeDGE goal is for every item we sell to be a long-term investment and retain its value over time. Over the last 19 years, the vast majority of our items have exceeded this goal. 99.25% of the items we’ve sold over the years are now worth the same OR MORE than we sold them for. About 75% of the furniture we sold from 2001 to 2015 is now worth AT LEAST 17.5% MORE than we sold it for. We have lists of furniture items we’ve sold that are now worth double, triple, quadruple and there’s even several that we sold back in 2004 and 2005 that are worth at least SIX TIMES more than we sold it for back at the time. In today’s throw-away world, where a mass-produced item in China LOSES most of its value the second you put it in your home, iNVISeDGE items are a rare commodity … a breath of fresh air. 
As a result, iNVISeDGE has amassed thousands of loyal followers and buyers Australia-wide over the last 19 years who visit the iNVISeDGE NEWLY LISTED Category at least twice a week. These followers understand that buying through iNVISeDGE is not really buying at all, but investing. 
For us to meet our goal, we use stringent criteria when considering any item for iNVISeDGE. Every new item is put before Michael Grealy, the iNVISeDGE owner, who has 19-years experience dealing in pre-loved furniture. He will research and mull over every item for some time; sometimes weeks before the item is given the go-ahead.

For Michael to consider an item for iNVISeDGE, it must-
  • be well-designed
  • be well-built with both durability and function in mind
  • have stunning but timeless good looks
  • be hard to get
  • and preferably be hand-crafted or made locally in Australia (unfortunately this criteria is getting increasingly difficult to meet)
If you have strong interest in investing in an item we’ve sold in the past and you would pay the new revised value, tell us through the appropriate link for that item. We retain “interested buyers lists” for all rare items. In saying this though, for damn-good investments, items usually sell BEFORE we get the chance to go to these lists. Follow the NEWLY LISTED Category (at the top of this screen) by visiting this category at least twice a week.
Finally after you’ve purchased / invested in an iNVISeDGE item, re-visit our website regularly to follow the value of your item. Yes in this day and age, it sounds strange and maybe even a tad crazy- but nearly all iNVISeDGE furniture items INCREASE in value as you get to use it and enjoy having it in your space (providing you look after it). This is our primary goal! And this is what we’ve been doing for 19 years now. Click on the word, FURNITURE, above and peruse the hundreds of SOLD ITEMS we’d now price at more than what we sold them for! And peruse our ebay feedback spanning 17+ years for proof of these claims and the words of our many happy customers- every feedback comment is from a vintage item SALE and every comment is positive. (Ebay feedback can only be left by legitimate paying customers.) 
Finally, look after your item. Continue to visit iNVISeDGE because in the future there will be blogs about how to look after leather and other furniture items we stock. Caring for your special item is a not a chore. This is when you get to truly experience the workmanship and love that went into crafting your item and feel part of the legacy of something that will be passed from this generation to the next.
The goal of putting our items on social media is to draw NEW potential buyers to the iNVISeDGE website, not to sell items there. We rarely go into these avenues to answer enquiries- queries coming through the iNVISeDGE website are always given priority. 
iNVISeDGE items are not listed on a specific day or time, they’re listed as soon as the listing is ready to be uploaded. The newest listings appear on the first page at the top of the NEWLY LISTED Category. If you haven’t visited the NEWLY LISTED category for several weeks, peruse the remainder of the category because there could have be items that you’ve missed. 
Finally (and thank you to those who’ve read this far!) enjoy investing in pre-loved furniture and decor items. Items that have already stood the test of time for 30-odd years (or more) have proven themselves with regards to the timelessness of the styling AND more importantly the quality and durability of workmanship. With good vintage items, you know exactly what you’ll be getting before you fork out a cent!
Do you have a question regarding buying iNVISeDGE? Reach out here.