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Background Info and Provenance

SOLD in 2019 for $2090. 

A Chistopher Guy 3-seater sofa in a stunning (and opulent) Spanish Lizzo-brand fabric that has a hint of shimmer for extra glamour. This sofa is at the height of sophisticated elegance- it’s beautiful but still restrained- not over-the-top so would still nestle in well with the rest of your interior. It would work in virtually any home but I see it being a hit with stylists who stage properties for sale or in a commercial space like a salon. All Christopher Guy pieces are hand-crafted and hand-finished by his team of master craftsmen. Visit his website, click on BACKSTAGE, then HOW ITS CRAFTED, then UPHOLSTERY- there’s a video showing craftsmen at work during EVERY step of the process for a sofa very similar to this. It’s so inspiring to watch the creation emerging BY HAND and the techniques that are becoming a dying art … but there is a resurgence happening as we speak. People are finally starting to move away from the mass-produced pieces coming from machines that have no “life-energy” in them- no inspiration, no creativity, no sense of style, nothing really. The earth’s resources are being used and abused to create these pieces and many end up as landfill within 10 years.

This piece has an incredible eye for detail- it’s shaped and carved from HARDWOOD (for durability- cheaper pieces almost feel like balsa-wood). The full-frame is constructed from hardwood. The seat cushion is a mixture of microfibre (for support) and feathers (for luxurious softness and comfort). This mix in cushioning is used by many of the world’s top luxury brands including B & B Italia and Australia’s own Arthur G. This Spanish upholstery by Lizzo is stunning- the quality and luxury is obvious after just one glance.

This sofa has no back cushions- it could be used as is in a salon, as an occasional sofa or for staging. For more everyday use you’ll need some back pillows (see the Christopher Guy website for inspiration). Feather pillows and bolster cushions will add further luxury and sumptuous comfort and can move the look in any direction you want.

Christopher Guy was first inspired by decorative style growing up in the 1970’s along the French Riviera. Nearly 50 years on the Christopher Guy brand is at the forefront of the world’s luxury furnishing market. And his pieces don’t come cheap. Most of his sofas in this style retail for around GBP 7700 (approx. AU $13 750). For pricing visit uber-interiors/christopher-guy. I’ve taken a screenshot from this website and included it with the photos of the sofa I have for sale. My sofa is in incredible condition and a fraction of the price new.

This piece ticks all the boxes especially the investment appeal box. Hand-crafted pieces never lose their value like mass-produced machine-made furnishings. At this price you’re buying it much less than cost price! This piece is second-hand (hence this ridiculously low price) but it presents in showroom condition with no condition flaws that warrant a mention at all. (See the Condition & Dimensions Section that is a part of this listing.)

Investing in items built to last (and built by PEOPLE- not machines) is our only way forward and the only way to bring inspiration and the energy of creation (life energy) into your home. There’s no better way to invest in your home and also reduce your carbon footprint.

This 3.5 seater sofa is about 6 years old and in brilliant condition for its age. The construction qualities in HARDWOOD are brilliant- solid and very sturdy. There is NO movement in any joint, NO repairs, NO structural defects, NO cracks, NO splits- nothing of the sort. Cosmetically the frame presents extremely well. The sofa may show very minor signs of use (a couple of minor knocks if you want to scrutinise it very closely)- nothing that warrants a mention. __________ The upholstery presents very well and shows no damage at all. It may have a few very minor signs of use but overall the sofa is close to showroom condition. The fabric is sensational- very opulent and it won’t readily show use because of its texture and patterning. The sofa has NO stains, NO marks, NO significant wear, NO damage and has NOT come into contact with children, cigarette smoke or pets. __________ The inner cushioning is all exceptional. The inner cushioning of the seat is a mixture of microfibre and feather-down. This is the most comfortable seat cushion money can buy. This cushioning is also exceptionally durable and will continue to last the long haul. Under the seat cushion is all in brilliant condition and also shows little signs of use. The sofa has brilliant seat support. __________ Chistopher Guy 3.5 seater Measurements. Across- 200cm. Depth- 89.5cm. Total Height- 84cm. Seat Height- 43cm. Depth of Seat- 73.5cm without any back cushions on. This is deep enough to put for feet under you for a more casual seating position and with cushions behind your back it will provide a normal seating position as well. FOR FREIGHT- 2 X 0.89 X 0.84 = 1.49 cubic metres. __________ Read my 1200+ ebay feedback comments (ALL for furniture and decorative arts SALES) to be assured that this lounge is described as accurately as possible and that I will not purchase items of inferior quality or that have significant cosmetic flaws.
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