This piece is being sold UNDER CONSIGNMENT by a regular iNVISeDGE seller located in North Lakes, BRISBANE (Northside). Interstate delivery can also be arranged by a business that’s had 20-years experience at it. Delivery to Sydney would be AROUND $190 (to give you a rough idea of cost for interstate delivery).


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This piece is being sold UNDER CONSIGNMENT by a regular iNVISeDGE seller in North Lakes, BRISBANE Northside however interstate delivery can be arranged by a business that’s had 20-years experience at it. Delivery to Sydney would be around $190 (to give you a rough idea of cost for interstate delivery).

Background Information and Provenance

Written in 2022- some information may be time-sensitive

This stunning writing desk was created in Brisbane- I’d say in the 1940’s but it could also be a 1950’s piece. It’s most likely a ONE-OFF, constructed by a professional cabinetmaker as a home project or it was a custom-made piece back in the day. The piece has been extremely well done- it’s been constructed by someone with an eye for precision- the piece is careful and meticulous. What’s fascinating about this one is that both my vendor and I think the drawers are made from SOLID CEDAR. This is RARE- particularly for a desk and particularly for something from this era. Virtually all cedar was used up by around 1900 or 1910- I believe this cabinetmaker had some cedar leftover from an old job and decided to use it up here. The carcass is a hardwood that’s been stained the same colour as cedar- it looks like Queensland Maple to me which was more widely accessible in the 1940’s and 50’s. Cedar is a prized timber and the full drawers are constructed from cedar- even the drawer bottoms are SOLID cedar slabs. This is unusual- even in quality-made pieces, plywood was usually used in areas that wouldn’t be seen (such as inside drawers).

The piece has a Featherston / Snelling / Summertone air to it with its splayed legs and architectural look. This desk is constructed of SOLID timber slabs throughout the whole piece. (There’s no shitty Parker chipboard & veneer here)- this piece was built to stand the test of time and it has! Many mid-century pieces have been made out of chipboard with a thin teak veneer finish that can lift, bubble and chip away- NOT here! The solid timber construction here means it’s ready to be of service in its next home … and I can see this one being passed onto yet another generation too! Good honest construction using REAL timbers- it has NOT been flat-packed overseas and shipped here wrapped in copious amounts of bubble-wrap and cardboard that ends up as our landfill. This piece hails back to a by-gone era that we’d love to see Australia return back to! Constructive industry and meaningful employment for our people.

But it’s the practicality on offer here that reigns supreme- excellent storage and the perfect size for today’s use- not too big, or small. Plus the back is completely finished as well! This piece could stand-alone in a room and the back could be on display- it looks just as good from either side. The top is also laminate which adds to the practicality- it’s only when you get up close that you notice it has a laminate top- it’s a good colour match for the timber and very intelligent for a desk- no need to pussy-foot around here! Don’t worry about scratches and bumps- plus you can put your drinks on the top and just wipe it down at any time. It’s a very intelligent choice for a desk and looks good too- the laminate doesn’t stand out at all.

With the changes the world has seen in the last couple of years, this type of thing has been in high demand but getting desks with any type of interior-design appeal has been a challenge to say the least. iNVISeDGE followers have been requesting vintage desks to use at home during lock-downs but they’re just not coming up. Who would want to let something like this go in these times? Our regular seller in the Northside of Brisbane has come up trumps again!

And lucky for you, despite a lifetime of use, it has been extremely well looked-after and is ready to be used and loved by the next person. The love and attention put into this piece by a REAL person (as opposed to a machine) further heightens the appeal.

Quality vintage desks made by artisans are rare as hen’s teeth these days- flat-packed modern plastic-laminate things are often seen out in the weather waiting for council curb-side collection. This piece presents a smart financial investment, an investment into the future of this planet (after-all it has already evaded landfill for about 70 years!) plus when you buy through iNVISeDGE you’re supporting SMALL businesses and a future where local constructive industry is valued again. It’s a win for you, for our earth AND local community!


This piece is in excellent condition. There are no signs of use that stand out but there is light general use to be expected of a piece of this age. For it's age, it's in extremely good condition and has been very well looked after. This one has not been polished up- a good polish with Gilly Stephensen's Scratch Cover would getting it looking even better. The piece has no damage to the construction at all- NO movement or wobbles in any joint, NO cracks, NO breaks. There is some minor separation in some timber planks in areas that are not noticed- all timber pieces are solid and secure- this is just part of the natural aging process and NOT damage. There are no condition issues that warrant a mention. ALL drawers slide in and out easily but the key to the two top drawers is long gone. The key is NOT required for these to function. All the drawers are solid and sturdy and ready for use. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Measurements. Length: 106cm. Depth: 55cm. Total height: 76cm. Width/Clearance for a chair (approx): Across 50cm. Height: 64cm.
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