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Background Info & Provenance

Written in 2018

This table was sold in 2015 but it sold before going online so I never wrote a description for it. Three years later and I’m still none the wiser about who made it. The table is a marriage- the base and the top have been “married up”. The top looks like a Parker-top from the 1960’s. The base appears to be 1950’s with the blonder timber. It came in with some matching dining chairs from the 1950’s (again they were chairs I couldn’t identify). They were either European (maybe Danish or Swedish) or from one of the boutique furniture making firms that operated in Sydney or Melbourne in the 1950’s. The base with the original top would have fetched double this. It’s a stunning vintage designer piece and something that’s never seen. If you have any information about this table please contact us and we’ll acknowledge your contribution or provide a link to your website.

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