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The listing price is for BOTH chairs.

Background Info and Provenance

(Written in 2020.)

A PAIR of 1950’s single-seater designer lounge chairs made in the 1950’s. After almost 20 years in this business, I have no idea who designed/produced these. They may be an Australian production but if they were, I should have come across others over the years- I think it’s more likely they were made overseas (but it looks like an Australian timber to me though- Tasmanian Oak ?). I’m stumped. Perhaps they were done by a boutique firm in very small numbers ? One thing is for sure- they’re stunning! The scissor-style side profile is striking but still stylish and chic. This style is distinctly 1950’s but not often seen. There’s a Parker design from the 1950’s that looks similar (I like these more though) and various overseas designs that are similar too. There are also some early-60’s designs like these as well (but in teak). I personally prefer lighter timber frames- the design is not as brash and in your face in more muted tones. This pair could even be used as an accent in minimalist space with intriguing effect.

This pair also boast superior construction qualities. The seat section is metal springs in a web configuration which is the most costly and durable option for seating. Straps and conventional webbing sag over time and need to be replaced- this seating system lasts generations (and already has!). All of the construction here is superior- both chairs are as solid as a rock after over 60 years of use.

Add comfort to the list of advantages- high back and great angles- these will suit those searching for vintage chairs for taller people. And despite the height, they’re not imposing in looks at all- they have a refined design aesthetic.

Finally, this pair is a very strong investment- they should never lose any value- try getting that from new furniture! I doubt they could even be made in a developing country for this price plus they’re in a rare style. There’s a lot of work in them and the web-configuration seating adds to the expense. Investing in vintage furniture is a wise-move financially and also for our environment. Why? When chairs look like this after 60 years of use, you’re guaranteed of the quality and when they could be put on the floor of any furniture design store today and still look the part, you know the design is timeless.


This PAIR is vintage and in excellent condition for their age. The timber frames are brilliant. They’re solid and strong with NO breakage, NO cracks around any joint, NO movement in any joint, NO repairs- they’re extremely sturdy and very solid. Cosmetically the timber frames present very well- they’re about 60 years old so have minor signs of age and use but nothing that spoils them. I’d say these were fully restored in the last 5 years or so. The frames are in better condition than I normally see for 1950’s chairs. The cushioning is also quite new, as are the covers. I would have preferred to see these in a subtle textile-weave but the current fabric is not a bad choice (I just think it wasn’t the best choice though). The colour is fine (although I would have preferred to see a more muted tone (less of a contrast to the frame) so that aesthetically they were more refined. They may suit your space exactly as they are though! (And the condition of this fabric is excellent.) The beauty of this design though is that re-upholstery is cheap and easy. These are loose cushions sitting on a frame. Cleaning the covers is also easy- just replace the covers whilst still damp to prevent shrinkage. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________   In one or two of the photos, the back of cushions looks grey- it's the same fabric as on the front. The light is reflecting off the floor in a weird way. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Measurements. Across- cm. Depth- cm. Height- cm. Seat height- cm. Read my 1200+ feedback comments (ALL for furniture and decorative arts SALES) to be assured that the chairs are described as accurately as possible and that I will not purchase items of inferior quality or with significant cosmetic flaws.
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