This 2-seater sofa SOLD for $1095 in 2017. The other 2 pieces were priced SEPARATELY and have also sold. Get in contact with us if you have interest in buying or SELLING a similar suite. Click on the links below.


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Listing price was for the 2-seater sofa only. The 2-seater SOLD for $1095 in 2016. The other 2 pieces were priced separately and have also sold.

Background Info and Provenance

(This description was written in 2016).

A 2-seater “Astor” sofa that was retailed by Coco Republic (an Australian company) about 13 years ago for $3400 … to be completely accurate the suite was stocked by Town & Country. Town & Country re-branded to become Coco Republic about 10 years ago. At the price it sold for back then there are very few of these lounges around. I love this mix of earthiness and chic designer. The oak timber and woven cane gives it a natural look but the stunning curves create a design that’s certainly noticed but not harsh and clinical like most designer furniture these days.

Because this suite was stocked by Coco Republic the quality is assured- it’s extremely solid furniture made by hand and crafted to last the long-haul. The sofa has a label underneath identifying it as being made by Southern Furniture Company of North Carolina, USA. Coco Republic scouts the world for the best furniture design and craftsmanship. Southern Furniture Company began over 130 years ago and is regarded an international industry leader. The owner of the company served as President of the American Furniture Manufacturer’s Association in the mid-1990’s which was when this design was released. This design has been one of Coco Republic’s most heralded.

The SOLID OAK frame construction is stunning but also very durable. The fabric is thick and hard-wearing so has also lasted… But there’s more on offer. The seat cushions and back cushions are separate to the frame AND FULLY REVERSIBLE. When the covers get a bit grubby simply flip them over or unzip and machine wash (return them to the cushions whilst damp to prevent shrinkage). This also means re-upholstery of the loose cushions is dead-easy making the whole suite an astute choice for families with young children or in any heavy-use situation. Durability, handcrafted construction, stunning looks but comfort hasn’t been compromised. This is a very comfortable sofa. The back cushions are plush and soft so it’s nice to sink into. The seat cushions are firmer providing support and the right degree of plushness. Under the cushion is a metal seat spring-system. This is not only a sign of quality but provides the highest comfort in a seat (and is a lot more durable than normal strapping).

This offers a solid investment opportunity. This full suite retailed for about $8800 about 13 years ago and is set to become an antique in the future. Like Parker Furniture, Rosando Bros and Dario Zoureff shine above the pack today so too will the Coco Republic selections in 30 and 50 years from now.

When a lounge suite looks like this after 13 years of use you’re guaranteed of the quality on offer. There are very few better ways to invest in your home and reduce landfill.

The 2-seater in these photos is ... Across- 148cm. Depth- 87.5cm. Total Height- 76cm. Seat Height- 42cm. Depth of Seat- 54.5cm without the square cushions on.
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