LOCATION- a private seller in Brunswick, MELBOURNE.

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The description, heaps more photos and the price will be set in the next 2 or so weeks. I have about 9 items in the queue before this listing will be finished. PRICE ESTIMATE- $290 – $350 PER stool. Contact us now if you want 1st dibs on this rare set!

This listing is being sold UNDER CONSIGNMENT by a private seller in BRUNSWICK, Melbourne. This lot is part of a deceased estate. In this case buyers will be required to organise their own freight. iNVISeDGE will give buyers 3 suitable carriers to their location. (For more unusual locations, only 1 or 2 freight carriers may be given.)

Fabulous set of 3 designer bar stools. They have MADE IN ITALY imprinted in the leather to the underside. Very RARE pieces- in 20 years of trading I’ve never had this design in a bar stool before- in fact, I’m not sure if I’ve even seen bar stools in this design before. Great modernist / minimalist look.


Provenance and Background Information




A RARE set of 6 cantilever Cesca chairs imprinted with MADE IN ITALY in the timber underneath every chair. This design was created by Marcel Breuer, a leader of the Bauhaus movement, in 1928. It’s hard to believe the design is now almost 100 years old. They wouldn’t look out of place on the showroom floor of any furniture store today- that’s timelessness for you! The chairs on offer here are ORIGINALS produced under license by Knoll in the 1970’s as verified by the imprint under every chair. (Like all iconic designs there are replicas around- though I’ve only seen the copies with cane inserts.) The authentic Knoll Cesca chairs have Made in Italy imprinted under the chairs (or the chairs from the 1980’s onwards have white Made In Italy labels on them). Knoll is based in Pennsylvania, USA but the Cesca chairs have been produced in Italy for several decades and they’re still produced for Knoll in Italy today. They retail new for US $5808 for a set of 6 upholstered in Ultrasuede- see the screenshot provided. (AU $7893). There are various 2nd-hand sets currently listed on 1stdbis for around AU $3800 for a set of 6 but some sets are priced at much more than that. This set is upholstered in Ultrasuede from the 1970’s- this colour is no longer produced but would look great in many spaces.

The Cesca Chair is a marriage of traditional craftsmanship with industrial materials and methods. I love the lean, minimalist style that still pops. Normally when 6 chairs are combined in a small space the result is “busy”. The look here is still chic, refined and elegant but with a designer slant.

These chairs tick every box- stylish looks, DURABILITY, quality construction, great comfort and strong investment appeal. Most Cesca chairs are done with cane inserts. I like the look of the cane but this is not practical for many households- you always see the cane ones with holes in them. The expense and inconvenience of having to get the cane re-done is a disadvantage with those ones. These chairs are done in Ultrasuede. This allows padding under the upholstery for extra comfort but it’s also the more durable choice. This is the original covering and apart from some patchiness in the colour, the fabric presents extremely well for dining chairs that are almost 50 years old.

The investment appeal for these is obvious. Virtually everything I’ve sold over the past 17 years is worth more today than the day I sold it. This set will be no exception. These chairs are very hard to get, they’re a timeless ICONIC design and vintage ORIGINALS- but priced at basically what you’d get any dining chair for mass-produced in a developing country.

When chairs look like this after 50 years of use, you’re assured of the quality you’re getting. When a design is noticed for all the right reasons after almost 100 years, you’re assured of its timeless style. And when these elements are combined with practicality and comfort, you’re assured there are very few better ways to invest in your home and reduce landfill (if any).


In the same league as- Eames, B & B Italia, Warren McArthur, Featherston, Bauhaus, Mart Stam, LaCividina. Exceeds Parker, FLER.



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