LOCATION- Morayfield, Brisbane Northside but delivery can be organised Australia-wide for a reasonable additional fee, about $180 to get all 3 tables to Sydney.

Our price of $895 is for all 3 tables.

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LOCATION- Morayfield, Brisbane Northside but delivery can be organised Australia-wide for a reasonable additional fee, about $180 to get all 3 tables to Sydney.

Our price of $895 is for all 3 tables.

Provenance and Background Info

A nest of 3 VINTAGE Coachwood and Walnut tables by Melbourne firm, Kalmar Furniture. This suite includes the coffee table. Kalmar was inspired by the design released by English company, G-Plan Furniture and did extremely well with it (as these photos show). I don’t mind even saying that I think the Kalmar tables are better than the G-Plan ones. I sold a G-Plan nest of tables some years ago now- these are better built and I really like the striking contrast in the timbers used. The dark Walnut coupled with the light Coachwood borders is stunning! This set has an exceptionally fluid style with all those curves and circular shapes- this is rarely seen in timber furniture because they are difficult and costly to produce.

Kalmar Furniture produced these tables in the 1960’s. Not many were sold because of the expense involved in producing them. If something like this design was ever re-released today, this set of three tables would command a hefty retail price-tag- I’d say around $1800 at least. If it’s quality and durability you want, you’re not going to find much better. The quality of these EASILY exceeds the quality of Parker vintage tables.

This authentic VINTAGE suite of Kalmar tables also has very strong investment appeal because of the original KALMAR stamp on the underside of several tables. It’s an extremely sought-after design and there’s not many of them around so they should only continue to appreciate in value over time. I haven’t stocked a Kalmar coffee table nest for at least 15 years. These are bound to be tightly held onto by their owners in the future. There’s no better way to invest in your home, reduce landfill and support local small business.


These tables were produced in the 1960's and all three tables are in brilliant condition overall. The three tables are structurally brilliant with NO cracks around joint areas, NO breaks, NO repairs. One table has a little lateral movement if you want to push it from side-to-side but it's still very solid- a pedantic observation. Some of the joints had a little separation in them- there is no movement at all in those joints- it is not structural at all. I have carefully filled in these tiny gaps with an extremely good colour match. You can't really see this now at all. I've photographed these areas closely- if you can't see what I'm talking about, ignore this comment, it's also pedantic- I just want to be as thorough as possible. The tops have been re-finished- the tops of all three tables basically look perfect. The bases have just been polished up with Gilly Stephensen's Scratch Cover. The bases present very well for the age of the tables but they are not perfect- just some minor losses to the finish- cosmetic only and barely seen. The tables are ready to be moved into your home, used and loved for another 60 years! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Measurements. Height of the Coffee Table- cm. Length of the Coffee Table- cm. Width of the Coffee Table- cm. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Please read our 1200+ ebay feedback comments to be assured that all our items are described as accurately as we can.
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