This set of 4 chairs sold for $1095 way back in 2012. Read the description below. This listing has been uploaded for people wishing to express interest in buying or SELLING a similar item through iNVISeDGE- use the links below.


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This set of 4 chairs SOLD in iNVISeDGE for $1095 back in 2012. If I had the exact same chairs again today (2019) I’d sell them for $1500 (for 4 black ones in this type of condition)- values for these chairs have increased noticeably over the last few years. Values continue to increase. In 2021, this exact set of 4 chairs would now sell through iNVISeDGE for $1895 (for 4 chairs).

I have people regularly asking for these chairs and still haven’t come across a set I could seriously consider stocking (since 2012) so to update the value in 2019- I’d price this exact same set of 4 chairs at around $1495 – $1595 (2019).

Provenance and Background Info

(Written in 2012)

A set of FOUR (4) Scape dining chairs designed by Grant Featherston in 1960. Grant Featherston is arguably the most celebrated Australian furniture designer of all time (it’s either him or Fred Lowen). His designs spanned three decades and his versatility and talent as a designer is obvious when you peruse the huge body of work he left us. Scape designs produced by Aristoc in the 1960’s are the most sought-after of all his metal designs.

Visually the Scape chair is captivating but the triumph of this design goes well beyond that. This is a very comfortable and durable chair. In the 11 years I’ve been in this business (written- 2012) I’ve never seen a Scape chair broken- they’re almost indestructible. This is great news for buyers with families and for collectors- Scape chairs are a practical investment that can be used while they reap rewards financially. Most modern dining chairs will lose hundreds or thousands of dollars the second you sit on them- with these, the longer you use them the more chance they’ll increase in value. Scape lounge chairs are part of the collection of the Powerhouse Museum. A Featherston contour chair in my collection is now worth thousands more than what I paid for it at a Sydney auction 6 years ago- this has happened while I’ve been enjoying it.

In my opinion the Scape design is one of the best in Australian furniture history- I like them more than the contour chairs because the Scape design is so unique in style (and so durable). If you trawl the world of furniture design you won’t see anything quite like it.

After modern dining chairs have ended up as landfill, these 50 year old chairs will be passed onto yet another generation to enjoy. There are very few better ways to invest in your home and in our environment.

(Again written in 2012 so some information may be time-sensitive, particularly values.)


These chairs are in excellent condition for chairs that have been used for 50-odd years. Structurally they are all solid and sturdy. I’ve carefully checked every chair. There are NO old repairs, NO creaks, NO breakage and NO cracks around any joint. They have been crafted to last. The metal is heavy (excuse the pun)- they’re very solid chairs.       The paint work on the metal is showing signs of age but in my opinion the frames still present very well. When you really start looking you’ll notice minor wear to the finish, minor aging and inconsistencies in shine. You could easily repaint them and it would take a couple of hours if this is your taste (I have no problem with them as they are).      As with all Scape chairs in original condition the inner foam has perished. From a comfort perspective this effects the chairs little or none. What happens is that the screws that hold the seat onto the frame come up from underneath and pierce the vinyl as the chairs continue to be used. This has happened on most chairs but this piercing is so small it’s not noticed until you start inspecting the chairs more closely. Most of the time it causes a small bump and doesn’t actually pierce the upholstery. I have loosened the offending screws so they no longer touch the vinyl and all the seats still sit firmly on the frames. You could easily get the foam replaced and put the original vinyl back on (it would be a very easy job). I personally would recommend this. The vinyl is original and the small piercings are to be expected for Scape chairs in original condition. I don’t like Scape chairs when they’ve been re-upholstered- they look sparkling new and just wrong. This set is more special than that. The vinyl also has a few small scuffs and small splits on some edges- just a few signs of normal use. None of this is what I would classify as damage- the chairs are 50 years old and there are signs they’ve been used, that’s all. There is no damage to the vinyl that is unsightly or stands out (as the photos show).      A couple of the screws that hold the backs onto the frame are missing. All backs are on the chairs very securely. You could get a few new screws and paint the heads black- I saw no point. This is yet another pedantic observation.      I’m sorry this description is so long. Most of this description is unnecessary for those who understand the chairs are vintage and they have no unsightly damage- only what you’d expect of chairs this age. They are probably the best set of Scape chairs in full original condition I’ve seen. They look great in the photos and you’re marveling at the design when you see them in person not minor signs of use. If you want them sparkling new- it would be very easy to arrange and wouldn’t cost a heck of a lot.      Every chair has the original Aristoc Scape badge underneath.           These chairs each measure 48cm across by 57cm back with a total height of 78cm. The seat height is 46cm. Read my 1150+ ebay feedback comments (ALL for vintage furniture and decorative arts SALES) to be assured that all my items are described as accurately as I can.
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