This suite SOLD UNDER CONSIGNMENT from GEELONG, outside Melbourne by a regular iNVISeDGE seller. The listed price includes a 15% commission fee (regular iNVISeDGE seller). SOLD!!! This listing has also been uploaded for research purposes. Read the description below.


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This full suite SOLD for $800 (with the matching table) in Feb 2021.
The listed price- $750 was for the 4 swivel dining chairs only. The table is priced SEPARATELY. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
This vintage suite is being sold UNDER consignment from a regular iNVISeDGE seller in Geelong, near Melbourne. iNVISeDGE will organise all facets of the sale on behalf of our vendor including delivery AUSTRALIA-WIDE. Please enquire for a price on specialist furniture transport if you’re interstate. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Provenance and Background Information
This iconic SEBEL Hobnob suite, made in AUSTRALIA in the early-1970’s, has stood the test of time and today, almost 50 years later, still has cool designer appeal. This suite will add a cool retro slant to your space but the look is also sleek and refined.

As per the design-stamp underneath, these chairs are wineglass base in style, taking cues from the design ethic of contemporaries such as Eero Saarinen (Finland) and Robin Day (the UK). These bases are moulded textured polypropylene. They’re strong, solid and very durable- after almost 50 years, every chair is still completely sturdy and ready to service another generation. It may sound like a romantic proposition (not consistent with today’s throw-away mentality) but furniture can be passed from one generation to the next servicing more happy people with each passing of hands.

Pieces like this is exactly why I love vintage furniture so much- this suite shows honest construction quality and the style really takes you back. I wasn’t alive in the “swinging-sixties” but this type of design was a sensation back then and today it’s still noticed for all the right reasons.

Sebel furniture is a well-known figure in Australian contemporary design. The manufacturer Harry Sebel, made his fortune as a pioneer in the use of moulded plastics in Australia (particularly chairs). Charles Furey, the designer of this particular suite, has used design sensations happening abroad at the time and created a chair that’s not only very cool but suits to the Australian environment perfectly. On top of this, the chair design is contoured for maximum COMFORT. These chairs are a joy to sit in. Great height and perfect angles to relax in for long leisurely dinners (and lunches!).

This suite ticks every box, especially INVESTMENT APPEAL. This is an authentic VINTAGE suite with construction qualities that have proven themselves and a classic modernist design that will marry well with many interiors. I can even imagine these chairs in a sterile, modern apartment- it will add character to your space and because of the green seats (this particular set is a great colour), this suite will allow you to bring plants and greenery into your space, adding nature into your home. Bravo to quality Australian furniture design! There’s no better way to invest in your home and reduce landfill.


Every chair is solid and sturdy, with no structural issues at all. The chairs are very comfortable and the swivel/spin function is smooth. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This is a vintage set so expect some very minor wear- there is a small hole in the vinyl as pictured. I have been quoted $70 by an experienced professional to fix this and eliminate this flaw completely. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Two of the chair’s vinyl upholstery have started to become unstuck from the seat section (purely cosmetic and certainly doesn't spoil the display of this cool suite- inspect the photos). I was advised that this can also be repaired. Cost will depend on the time it takes- the person I enquired through charges by the hour. You could easily fix this yourself if you have a couple of hours to do it. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The colour of the vinyl is vibrant. They are nice and clean. It is definitely an option to have them restored to perfect but the suite can certainly be used and enjoyed. If you need perfection this could be arranged at your leisure (eg. when funds allow) or it could all be done as a DIY project (even the small hole in the vinyl can be repaired DIY! Google "leather repairs" or "vinyl repairs" for more information.) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Chairs measurements: approx 39cm wide. Total height- 79cm. (Very good height in the back for a nicer / more supportive comfort). Table measurements: 74cm diameter.
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