This listing price of $995 is OFFER for one of the chairs! Being sold under consignment from a private seller in Cranbourne, MELBOURNE. This listing also appears for research purposes and for people to express interest in buying or SELLING a similar item through iNVISeDGE. Go to the CONTACT section on our Home Page for more information. For all BUYING enquiries, call (or SMS) us on the phone number given in our CONTACT Section. For SELLING enquires SMS us ONLY please.

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Come forward quickly if you want the full suite. We will entertain OFFERS OVER $995 PER CHAIR for the single seaters. (EXPECTED RESULT- $995 to $1400 PER chair.) This listing applies to the art deco cane chairs only. There’s a SEPARATE listing for the matching 3-sectional seater lounge SOFA.

These chairs are being sold under consignment by a private seller in CRANBOURNE, Melbourne.

Interstate freight can be arranged for a reasonable additional fee (APPROX. $300 to get both chairs to Sydney.)

Background Info and Provenance

A VINTAGE PAIR of cane pretzel armchairs. This type of design is extremely popular and getting VERY hard to source these days (particularly the AUTHENTIC ART DECO productions- which these are). The circular arms on these make a bold statement without dominating your space. This particular production marries design flair with a refined sophisticated style. Most 5-strand varieties are quite boxy and very bold in looks- I much prefer the circular armrests here- they’re distinctly deco and the curves pare back the boldness that most 5-strand varieties have. There are plenty of boxes and harsh edges in our urban environments- there’s something very calming about bringing circles and arcs into your living spaces. Curves also bring a bit of magic inside your home- circles in HAND-CRAFTED furniture always hold an intrinsic element of intrigue.

The 5-strand variety in these is the hardest to get out of any art deco rattan suite. They are commanding hefty prices worldwide. At our price, you’re getting an astute investment. These suites have increased markedly in value over the 20 years I’ve been in this business- I can’t see this particular suite losing any value while you get to enjoy using it in your home. In fact, I can only see this VINTAGE suite increasing in value over the years. Similar suites in America are commanding around AU $15,000 in this configuration. This is the first suite like this we’ve had in about 2 years (and we only got this suite because we’re working with it under consignment).

Rattan is DURABLE and environmentally sustainable. (Once cut it grows back very quickly in the right climates.) These frames will last generations (and already have!). Rattan will also rarely get bumps and dents. To top it off, this design has a nice relaxed comfort. The back is set at an excellent angle for comfort. The cushion inserts are also vintage, so they too were made to last. They are dense and holding their shape very well so they still hold you nicely.

These are also loose cushions sitting on frames. The cushions can be flipped over if one side gets dirty and the covers can be unzipped and machine-washed at any time (on the gentle cycle or handwashed- just put the covers back on whilst still damp to prevent shrinkage). Re-upholstery is the cheapest possible upholstery job- just take your fabric with the old covers to anyone with a sewing machine. It’s not difficult or costly. This pair can have a whole new look for around $200. Chairs like this are perfect in an Airbnb place or if you have young children.

The beauty of investing in vintage design is knowing how the item will stand up to use before you shell out a cent. Look at these art deco beauties after about 70 years in a family home! (The current custodian inherited this suite from her Grandmother.) An item like this is the epitome of a solid investment because the design is practical, very DURABLE and timeless in looks. There’s no better financial investment for your home and no better way to reduce landfill- this suite will continue to tell stories long after you and I have gone!


This pair is in excellent VINTAGE condition. The cane frames are brilliant. They're over 60 years old- very sturdy, strong, solid and basically impossible to break. The frames have NO structural issues at all. All joints are solid and strong with NO cracks, wobbles or repairs. The cane lengths under the cushions are thick so none of these have broken. Cosmetically the frames are in excellent vintage condition. Our array of photos clearly show what you'll be getting- use our Super-size Magnifying Tool. These chairs have minor signs of use and age. There may be a few bumps or dents- the main issue is loss to the original finish as you'd expect. I'd suggest lightly sanding the original finish off- a quick, easy job. Rattan doesn't need any finish- it won't ever split or crack. (I've personally owned art deco rattan chairs for over 5 years so know this from experience.) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I like the chairs as they are (a light sand only would help them looking better). You could replace the missing bindings down near the floor if you want them to be "close to perfect for vintage chairs". The bindings that remain look a bit old (that's because they are!). The cane bindings cover joint areas only AND ARE PURELY DECORATIVE. (They are not part of the structure at all.) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The cushions covers were re-done in the 1980’s, they have signs of use but nothing that's unsightly, there are no stains and they have zips on them which makes it easy for washing if ever needed. One zip is busted (as shown in our photos). The cushion inserts ARE CONSTRUCTED ORIGINAL CUSHIONS from the art deco era. They have held their shape well, they are dense and do the job extremely well- I see no reason to have them replaced. You could get the back cushion replaced for extra comfort. I've heard of previous customers getting a fat, super-soft cushion made for the backs when they got new covers made. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Circular Pretzel 5-strand Pair. Measurements. Across- cm. Floor to top of seat cushion (Seat Height)- cm. Total Height- cm. Depth- cm.
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