This set is priced at OFFERS OVER AU $4500. LOCATION- Abbotsford, Melbourne. Our prices are in AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS- significantly less in American dollars. (AU $4500 is about $3300 AMERICAN). This listing also appears for research purposes and to express interest in buying or SELLING other Cassina Cab chairs. Use the links below.


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This set is priced at OFFERS OVER AU$4500 for ALL SIX chairs. I’ve consistently seen these chairs priced at around AU$2000 PER CHAIR. Our prices are in AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS which is significantly less in American dollars. (AU $4500 is about $3300 AMERICAN).

International freight is a possibility- I don’t know the best options at this point but it would be viable to get them overseas. I’d prefer an Australian buyer but if someone overseas is going to do at least as much as much work as me to get them overseas I will work with you. I’m not sure of the cost and would ONLY make enquiries on your behalf AFTER you’ve committed and made a deposit on the chairs.

This suite is being sold under consignment from our vendor’s home in Abbotsford, MELBOURNE metro area. I travelled to our vendor to personally work with these chairs. Freight can easily be arranged Australia-wide. It’d be ABOUT $240 to get these 6 chairs to Sydney (this estimate will help you gauge cost to other locations).

Provenance and Background Info

Description written in 2021

A stunning set of 6 Model 905 chairs designed by Vico Magistretti in the early 1960’s for Cassina. Magistretti has won a swarm of design awards and many of Cassina’s offerings have gone on to become the biggest design icons of our time. This design is stunning- I love the curves and simplicity of the style- the colours are also brilliant. The ebonised timber contrasts well with the cognac saddle-leather. Earthy sophistication meets pop-art exuberance- these chairs will certainly add a splash of personality to your space. As shown in my vendor’s home, they look amazing in front of windows with greenery outside. This is a reluctant sale- my vendors are about to trek off around Australia for an adventure of a lifetime (I’m so jealous)- if they weren’t, these chairs wouldn’t be going anywhere!

The quality on offer here is rarely seen. Despite about 60 years of use, every chair is solid and strong with not a touch of movement in any joint area. The saddle-leather used by Cassina is top of the range and still looks amazing after all these years.

These chairs also offer our iNVISeDGE buyer an astute INVESTMENT- in my opinion, the chance of these chairs losing any value in the future is zero. They’re rare on a worldwide platform. As shown in our screenshots, the 905 design is usually priced at around AU$2000 EACH. The stitching detail in the saddle-leather also verifies that these are the vintage originals from the 1960’s. The design is so enduring that Cassina relaunched it in 2018 in different colours and timbers (to my knowledge the vintage ones were always black and cognac).

This design has very good comfort- the backs are curved and the saddle-leather supports your back nicely. For normal dining, the comfort is nice overall. For extended dinner parties put a flat cushion behind your back and you’ll be very happy at the dining table for hours on end.

The enduring quality of these chairs will serve you for many years to come. After most modern furniture ends up as landfill, these chairs will be passed onto another appreciating generation. There’s no better way to invest in your home and reduce your carbon footprint … plus by purchasing from iNVISeDGE you’re supporting various Australian small businesses. (Our freight carriers are small family-run businesses- all our regular sellers are also Australian small businesses.)


All six of these dining chairs are in solid sturdy condition. There are NO repairs, NO movement in any joint- NO structural damage of any kind. This is a solid, strong design. There are no creaks or groans. The suite presents very well overall. The black finish may have the odd mark, bump or scuff but certainly nothing that’s noticed. The saddle-leather is in great condition for chairs of this age. One chair has a few very minor scratches on the back but these are so insignificant they’d come out if you applied some leather conditioner. (They’re only noticed if you’re scrutinising the leather closely.) All 6 chairs have been well depicted in our array of photos. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The leather strap that goes around the back of each chair has broken off 4 chairs. On the fifth, it’s broken from one end. On the last chair the strap is still in place but is cracked and on its last legs. These straps are decorative- they do not affect the function or comfort of the chairs at all. If none remained you'd wouldn't even know. We considered taking the last ones off but decided to leave the suite as is to let the buyer decide what they want. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 905 Chairs. Measurements.  Across- cm.  Depth- cm. Total height- cm. Seat height- cm. Read my 1200+ feedback comments (ALL for vintage furniture and decorative arts SALES) to be assured that all my items are described as accurately as I can.
Delivery Australia-wide is easy! By a business that's been coordinating furniture freight for almost 20 years! These 6 chairs would cost about $240 to get to Sydney. (Use this ESTIMATE to help gauge the cost to your location or contact us for a freight estimate to your location.)
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