NOTE- the listing price of $1090 is for 6 Danish Deluxe CHAIRS only HOWEVER they’ve now SOLD for a special markdown price during lock-down. $170 was taken OFF THE MARKED PRICE. 6 chairs SOLD in May 2020 for $920. The table was priced SEPARATELY and has also SOLD!This listing SOLD UNDER CONSIGNMENT from a regular iNVISeDGE seller in GEELONG, near Melbourne. These chairs were sent interstate to our buyer up to the Central Coast, North of Sydney.


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NOTE- the listing price of $1090 is for 6 Danish Deluxe CHAIRS only HOWEVER they’ve now SOLD for a special markdown price during lock-down. $170 was taken OFF THE MARKED PRICE. 6 chairs SOLD in May 2020 for $920. The table was priced SEPARATELY and has also SOLD!

We have another set of 6 in this design on their way- in a DIFFERENT upholstery. Message us if you are waiting for that listing and we’ll fast-track it for you.

This listing SOLD UNDER CONSIGNMENT from a regular iNVISeDGE seller in GEELONG, near Melbourne. This suite was freighted interstate up to the Central Coast, North of Sydney.

Provenance and Background Info

A stunning set of SIX 1970’s dining chairs by acclaimed AUSTRALIAN furniture company Danish Deluxe. In my opinion this is one of Danish Deluxe’s best vintage designs. The timber pieces are connected together with thick metal bolts. This creates a very strong chair. Most vintage chairs have timber pieces fitting into each other at the joint areas- any major stress on those areas can create cracks, splits and breaks in the structure of the chairs. For this design the main areas of stress are placed on thick metal bolts and various thick layers of timber- this means these chairs are less susceptible to any structural issue. The bolts need to be tightened after every few years of use- if this is done and the chairs are used with a little bit of sense, they will last a lifetime of use (just as this suite already has). These chairs are already over 40 years old and ready for another generation of use and enjoyment.

This design is often overlooked. It reminds of Joe Rufenacht dining chairs. Twenty years ago Joe Rufenacht pieces were ignored by vintage furniture dealers and collectors. These days they are one of the most sought-after dining chairs in this country and sit at the pinnacle as far as quality and design is concerned. These Danish Deluxe chairs are in a similar league yet they’re still undiscovered at the moment. I doubt I would have priced Joe Rufenacht chairs at even $180 each (in leather) back in 2005- 15 years later they’re fetching $400 PER CHAIR, easily. I think this design is in the same boat as Rufenacht’s was in 15 years ago- once it gets the recognition it deserves, I see no reason why prices won’t go up.

This design is based on the Siesta Chair by celebrated Norwegian furniture firm, Westnofa. Westnofa never made this design as a dining chair and I’ve never seen a design like this outside Australia. Danish Deluxe was commissioned to produce various licensed European designs in the 1960’s and 70’s (including famous Danish designs) but I don’t believe this is one of them. It’s unique on a worldwide platform and will add an interesting slant to your space. So graceful- yet minimalist … it also has a cool vintage style.

This design is not only durable but comfortable. The padding is great- the angles, proportions and height of the back are all excellent for comfort- you can enjoy leisurely dinners in these chairs. The only possible criticism I could find for these chairs is that the backs don’t have a significant curve in them (which would add to the comfort). In saying this though, this is a pretty critical comment- the height of the backs is perfect and the backs are padded too, so the comfort is excellent for dining chairs- certainly more comfortable than most Danish-style chairs with timber backs. (The matching dining table extends to seat up to 12 people comfortably- this could be the perfect suite for Christmas dinners or everyday use (it’s quite a small table when it’s not extended.)

This particular suite is also unlike virtually any other in this design I’ve seen. These suites are usually in “interesting” 1980’s colour-combinations … picture mint-green with lime-washed frames … pink leather etc. This set is timeless and neutral- contradicting the era and creating a style that’s as timeless as you can get (yet still with a vintage slant, if that can make sense!). The greyish, neutral colour is basically the same as the upholstery many mid-century dealers have been using for re-upholstery for decades but this is the original vintage covering.  This suite has been steam-cleaned, the upholstery is in very good to excellent condition overall (some minor discolouration from age only). These chairs can certainly be enjoyed as they are. (Read the Condition and Dimensions section for further details.)

Virtually any modern dining chair is priced at more than these but the quality and durability of modern pieces is often questionable. Many mass-produced modern suites are ending up as landfill in as little as a decade of use. This suite has not only avoided landfill for 40 years, it is ready to be moved straight into another dining room. On top of this, it’s an overlooked design that could never be produced again for anything like this price. The investment appeal is a no-brainer- I have little doubt this design (in timeless colours) will increase in value in the future meaning this is not a purchase at all but a solid INVESTMENT. There’s no better way I can think of to invest in your home and our environment. It’s a win – win … for everybody!

2003 and 2005

This suite is in excellent vintage condition. ALL 6 chairs are solid and sturdy with NO cracks, NO splits, NO wobbles and NO repairs- NO structural issues at all. All the bolts have just been tightened. The timber is in excellent condition cosmetically. There is one minor scratch near the floor that may be noticed but this would polish out with the right product anyway. There may be small signs of use to the timber but nothing that’s noticeable. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The tone of the fabric and timber is most accurately depicted in the first 13 photos. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The upholstery is in very good condition for a fabric suite of this age (c. late 1970’s). These sellers in Melbourne sell vintage furniture full-time professionally and have steam-cleaned the chairs themselves. The fabric is fresh and clean overall but it's fabric and has been used for about 40 years so there's slight discolouration to the fabric for most chairs. This is accurately depicted in the first 13 photos. The discolouration is feint but can be noticed when you start inspecting the chairs closely- when the full suite in on display it's not noticed (as the photos show). There may be minor signs of use to the fabric (eg. minor wear) but nothing that ruins the chairs (or is really noticeable for that matter). There are NO unsightly stains, NO smells, NO dark discolouration etc. For non-local buyers (and people practicing strict social distancing!) my vendors are very happy to organize Face-Time so they can show their suite all over via video-camera. Whilst videoing the suite they’re very happy to zoom in on any areas at your request... But in a nutshell the suite presents very well for a vintage suite and has been very carefully checked by professionals in the business. There’s no damage that warrants a mention but someone who's particularly fussy might consider re-upholstery fairly soon. Virtually anyone would be happy to have them as they are and organise re-upholstery when they're ready. The upholstery job is easy- some people would be able to do it themselves but I'd suggest using someone who has experience doing it- it would be certainly worth it for this suite. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Dimensions. Chairs. Across- . Depth- . Total height- .
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