The listing price is for the 6 chairs only. The table is priced SEPARATELY. This listing has been uploaded for people wishing to express interest in buying or selling a similar item through iNVISeDGE and for research purposes. Click on the links below to express your interest.


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NOTE- This listing is for 6 Chrome Dining Chairs INCLUDING the original seat pads. The matching table is priced SEPARATELY! The full suite is now only $1795.

This listing is being sold UNDER CONSIGNMENT by a regular iNVISeDGE seller in GEELONG, near Melbourne. I’m looking forward to presenting many more of their finds in upcoming years. I personally inspected and experienced this suite and took these photos. My vendors can deliver these chairs / this suite to Melbourne buyers for a reasonable fee. Interstate freight can also easily be arranged through one of our preferred furniture carriers or a carrier of your choice.

Provenance and Background Info

Absolutely love this suite! This is something I’d have in my own place in a second. It’s perfect in my eyes. I personally love the modernist aesthetic more than the usual mid-century modern look- I don’t want the Danish teak stuff in my own home. I see it everywhere these days- the last thing I want is to go home and be bored shitless. I want my things to be special and not just what’s in trend. And above all, I want everything I have to be inspiring and practical with solid investment appeal. Why buy furniture that will lose its value by thousands of dollars the second you walk it out of the shop? I can’t see this AUTHENTIC mid-century modern suite losing ANY value years from now and in fact I see it increasing in value as you get to use and enjoy it. There are very few of these vintage suites in this design in Australia.

This suite ticks every box in my opinion. I love the sleekness- it’s stylish and elegant with just the right amount of “pop”. It’s also rare- this is the first suite remotely like this I’ve stocked in over 19 years of trading. I LOVE the loose cushions sitting on the frames- so EASY to clean- just take the whole cushion off and hand-wash … plus it’s cheap and easy to reupholster these chairs at any time. Need to change things up often? This suite would be easy to get a completely different look out of at any time. I love the sleek minimalist aesthetic- it could be the epitome of minimalist, fun or sophisticated depending on the fabric you choose.

The other thing I absolutely LOVE about these chairs is the high back. The higher back makes them so-dam comfortable! (Virtually all chairs in this design have lower backs.) I can picture myself with friends enjoying a couple of glasses of wine at this suite. No need to quickly retreat to the lounge room any more. Stay at the dining room table and keep the conversation flowing. I can also picture my nephews and nieces using this suite WITHOUT cringing. Any stains would be very easy to clean off (or reupholster the cushions in leather or vinyl if you have young kids). And I can imagine renting my home out at any time FULLY furnished and not stressing that strangers will ruin my beautiful furniture. This suite virtually can’t be damaged. Keep some spare fabric in the cupboard and your suite will last forever. It’s already around 50 years years old- look at it! No guessing the quality on offer here.

I could keep harping on about how good this vintage find is … if you’ve read up to here, you know I could and by now you should see all the benefits yourself. But give me your attention for another 2 minutes. The investment appeal would be the main reason I’d want this suite for myself. Why buy something that’s going to end up as landfill in as little as a decade when you don’t have to? I strongly doubt that anyone could make this suite in China for this price. Notice the flat-bar chrome sled base which is more expensive to make. Notice how many vertical slats are in the back. There are 16 tidy metal joints to do for EVERY chair back = the more joins like this, the more expensive it is to make (and the more comfortable the chairs are too. IF the Chinese tried making these, I doubt they would put 16 joins in the back, they would use cheaper, flimsier metal-alloys that would rust within years and they’d most certainly cut corners in the production to make more money for themselves. I strongly doubt they could copy these chairs to this exact VINTAGE standard and retail them at anywhere near this price.

Be conscious of how you spend your hard-earned dough. Care for our environment by investing in items that have proven to evade landfill for more than 20 years (this suite is about 50 years old!). Buy items that will at least hold their value over time. Buy from local businesses you know and trust… With the “stuff” that’s flooding into our country, there’s absolutely NO accountability for these companies to produce items that will stand the test of time anymore … NONE whatsoever (so virtually none of it does)!

When investing in something like this, I can’t see any better way of investing in your home… Oops! I forgot to give you some background history about this suite. The thing is- who really cares? It’s a fantastic suite- that’s what matters most. But for what it’s worth it is inspired by the work of Gastone Rinaldi for RIMA in Italy the late-1960’s (or could possibly be by Gastone Rinaldi- who really cares? It’s vintage and has already stood the test of time for about 50 years- that’s what matters most!)  See the screenshots provided in this listing which also give you an idea of what other dealers are selling vintage suites like this for on an international platform.


This suite is vintage and in excellent used condition. The metal-work and chrome is all in brilliant condition with NO damage at all. The chrome may show minor signs of age but nothing that's noticed- the suite is about 50 years old. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ If you don't have the $ for re-upholstery right now, you could certainly continue to use the suite with the current cushion-covers. The padding itself is great- the chairs are comfortable and the cushioning does the job well. This is quality vintage cushioning- it has NOT been cut out of foam. As shown in the photos the upholstery shows some discolouration- just from normal use though- there's nothing unsightly to report. The fabric is a quality covering- it has been made for heavy use and has stood up to time and use. It has some minor wear from use- NO abuse. NO holes or damage that's noticed. As shown in the photos, some of the clips are showing signs of their age and some are missing. It's not something I noticed whilst photographing the suite to be honest- the sleekness and cleverness of this design distracted me. The fabric clips are not needed- the cushions stay in place without them. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The matching table WHICH IS PRICED SEPARATELY also presents well but has a shallow chip (of a decent size) to the underside. It doesn't spoil the presentation of the suite but is certainly noticed when you start inspecting the suite more closely. The glass may show other signs of use. This suite has been used as an everyday suite for about 50 years- it hasn't been made just to look pretty- it can withstand heavy use and has. The table-top could be used as is and again if you didn't have the $ to replace it immediately you could certainly continue using it as is. I would personally want a larger piece of glass for this suite anyway. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Overall, the suite has been well-looked after and as the photos show, presents very well as it is. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Measurements. Chairs. Across- 45cm. Total depth- 38cm. Seat height- cm. Total height- 95cm. Table (which is not included in the listed price). 174 long x 106 deep and 78 high. For FREIGHT- Chairs- 0.X0.X0. (X6)= 0. cubic metres. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Read my 1150+ ebay feedback comments (ALL are for vintage furniture and decorative arts SALES) to be assured that all my items are in excellent condition and that I strive to describe all my items as accurately as I can.
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