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Provenance and Background Info

A set of SIX Danish dining chairs with a Made in Denmark stamp under every chair. These would be either late 1960’s or early 1970’s. The construction is incredible. They’d easily be two steps BETTER than the most sought-after Parker chairs in this style. Parker chairs have plywood backs with a teak veneer finish which can have a multitude of problems after 40+ years but the Danish chairs on offer here have curved timber backs shaped out of a single piece of teak- big cuts of teak are needed to do this and the work involved is MUCH more involved than Parker chairs. I sold my last set of Parker chairs for $2000 and they had several condition issues. The set of Danish chairs available in this listing are ALL rock solid- the joinery is incredible- the shaping of the timber, amazing and after over 40 years of use EVERY chair is in brilliant condition with no condition issues to report at all. This is rare in any set of 6 vintage dining chairs and is a reflection of the construction quality on offer. Danish furniture has long been hailed by many as the best in the world- this set shows us why. It’s almost impossible to get anything of this calibre in Australia and with the Danish stamps underneath they will always have very solid investment appeal.

The set boast the highest construction quality, have solid investment appeal, look amazing which leaves comfort. For a dining chair the comfort is very good- the backs are curved and the comfort is basically the same as the most sought-after Parker dining chair of the same era.

Investing in vintage furniture is smart- when chairs look like this after 40-odd years of use you have no better guarantee of the quality you’re getting. After most dining chairs have ended up as trash- this set will be passed onto yet another owner and then an entirely new generation. There’s no better way to be socially and environmentally conscious when purchasing furniture for your home.

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