This suite is being sold under consignment directly from my client’s home in country Victoria. The price is OFFERS OVER $3200 FOR 6 CHAIRS only. Offers over $4095 for the full suite (ie. table AND 6 vintage Scape chairs in green vinyl) will take precedence. The middle 5 photos in this listing are DISPLAY PHOTOS of Scape chairs we’ve sold through iNVISeDGE in the past. If you have interest in buying OR SELLING a similar set of dining chairs go to our CONTACT page for more information.


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OFFERS OVER $3200 for 6 Grant Featherston Scape dining chairs. This full suite is in brilliant ORIGINAL condition.

Being sold under consignment directly from my client’s home in Bundalong, country Victoria, 3730. Delivery Australia-wide is possible by a business that’s had 20 years experience organising furniture freight. Delivery of these 6 chairs to Sydney would be about $220. 

This suite is in incredible original condition- one owner only! The parents of my vendor bought this suite new back in 1961. This was their everyday dining suite for 60 YEARS! This suite was expensive back in the day but if you get 60 years of use out of a dining suite and then can sell it for WAY more than you bought it for, who would really care about what the upfront cost was??

The listed price is OFFERS OVER $3200 for the 6 Featherston Scape Chairs only. (This listing is for the suite with the coffee-coloured metal frames and green vinyl upholstery). The table is extra- please read the full description before you contact us. I’ve seen Scape chairs priced at a LOT more than this in Australia and also being sold out of New York and Miami in America for THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS MORE.) Featherston Scape dining chairs are the MOST SOUGHT-AFTER dining chair in Australia- they get more buyer enquiries coming through the iNVISeDGE website than any other dining chair design. If you want vintage Scape dining chairs so too does thousands of other people. The last set of Scape chairs we had sold through the iNVISeDGE website for $550 per chair about a year ago (there was only 4 chairs though- sets of 6 are very hard to get!). The middle few photos (the black /white / grey chairs) are display photos showing other Scape suites we’ve sold in the past. 

Offers over $4095 for the full suite (the Aristoc Scape table AND 6 chairs) will take precedence over offers for only the 6 chairs.  

If you love this design and want more chairs you could consider buying a second vintage suite like this and have the chair-frames powder-coated to match. Another option is getting other chairs MADE TO ORDER by Gordon Mather Industries (through Grazia & Co). Gordon Mather Industries has the license from Grant and Mary Featherston to produce new Scape chairs to the exact specifications of the vintage originals from 1960. (The Grazia and Co chairs are not replicas but licensed originals.)

This part of the description was written in 2012 but updated in 2021 for this suite

A set of 6 VINTAGE Scape dining chairs designed by Grant Featherston in 1960. Grant Featherston is arguably the most celebrated Australian furniture designer of all time (it’s either him or Fred Lowen). His designs spanned 3 -4 decades and his versatility and talent as a designer is obvious when you peruse the huge body of work he has left us. The Scape designs produced by Aristoc in the 1960’s through to the 70’s are the most sought-after of all his metal designs.

Visually the Scape chair is captivating but the triumph of this design goes well beyond that. This is a very COMFORTABLE and DURABLE chair. In the 20 years I’ve been in this business, I’ve never seen a Scape chair broken- they’re almost indestructible. This is great news for buyers with families and collectors- Scape chairs are a practical investment that can be used while they reap rewards financially. Most modern dining chairs will lose hundreds or thousands of dollars the second you sit on them- with these, the longer you use them (and look after them) the more chance they’ll increase in value. Scape lounge chairs are part of the collection of the Powerhouse Museum. A Featherston contour chair in my collection recently sold for thousands of dollars more than what I paid for it at a Sydney auction 14 years ago- this is while I got to enjoy using it in my home.

In my opinion the Scape design is one of the best in Australian furniture history- I like Scape chairs more than Featherston’s contour chairs because the Scape design is so unique in style. If you trawl the world of furniture design you won’t see anything quite like it.

After modern dining chairs have ended up as landfill, these 60 year old chairs will be passed onto yet another generation to enjoy. There are very few better ways to invest in your home from a financial perspective and in the future of our planet.

2107 / 2108 and 2002 (grey) and 1802

These chairs are in brilliant condition for chairs that have been used for 60-odd years. Structurally they are all solid and sturdy. There are NO old repairs, NO breakage and NO cracks around any joint. They have been made to last generations. These are heavy metal (!) (Excuse my cringe-worthy pun!)- they’re very solid chairs. The frames have no noticeable dents but several small scuffs and minor age-marks to the finish (as shown in the photos if you use the Zoom-In tool). These minor signs of use do NOT adversely affect the value (or look) of this suite and in fact enhance the investment appeal and vintage character. (These signs of use authenticate that this is a genuine vintage suite and not an re-issue from Gordon Mather Industries. The originals are better than the re-issues.) All the original foot stoppers are in place which is brilliant because if they're not you're likely to need something specifically engineered to fit on the bottom of the leg. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The chairs were re-upholstered in the 1980's using as close a match to the original vinyl as was possible. The current covering is durable and a top-quality upholstery. As a result, these chairs present immaculately despite about 35 years of use since re-upholstery. Unfortunately, the Aristoc plaques were removed when they were re-upholstered back in the 80's and not put back on by the upholsterer. This is a sign of those times- these chairs had not reached the "cult-collector status" they currently enjoy. Back in the 80's everyone was oblivious to the extent vintage chairs like this would be sought-after, 40 years into the future. The Aristoc plaque remains on the matching table though to authenticate this vintage suite (see our photos). __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The chairs are all structurally solid and sturdy with NO structural issues to report AT ALL (despite 60 YEARS of use!) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The last set of Scape chairs iNVISeDGE had measured ... 48cm across by 58cm back. Total height- 79cm. Seat height- 46.5cm. I see no reason why these wouldn't be the same. This suite is being sold from my client's location in Bundalong, country Victoria. Interstate freight is available.
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