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Provenance and Background Info

(These chairs sold through iNVISeDGE for $1595 for the 6 back in 2016.) Regularly click on the NEWLY LISTED Category on our Home Page so you don’t miss any of our new finds.

A set of SIX PARKER dining chairs. One of these chairs has the original P (Parker) foil label that was mainly used in the mid 1960’s. These would be mid to late 1960’s I’d say. This is a really rare design. After 14 years in this business (and only sourcing stock within Australia) I didn’t even know I was looking at a Parker chair until I saw the label. The construction quality is brilliant- better than their other designs. The most popular Parker dining chair from the 60’s (the spadeback that currently sell for $650 PER CHAIR- ie. $3900 the set) is not as good in quality as these. These are really solidly built- Parker have cut no corners. With normal use they should never have any condition problems. Right now (after about 50 years of use) EVERY chair is in rock-solid condition with no structural defects at all (not even a touch of movement in any joint area).

I think the thing that really sold me with these chairs is the style. This design nestles outside of the most popular designs of the 1960’s which I think is a good thing. The most popular designs are everywhere now- I’ve even seen the replicas made out of a plastic resin to mimic timber (as you do!). There are hundreds of them in various restaurants. This has killed it for me. The vintage design on offer here still has the graceful lines and curves of Danish furniture but they’re distinctive as well. (And made from real timber- teak- I can’t believe the day has come where I have to explicitly state that!) There’s boldness in this design as well which I think adds a great contrast to the refined elegance of the curves.

The other thing I personally look for when buying furniture is strong investment appeal. With the Parker foil label and superior construction qualities these chairs have that too. This particular design is extremely rare which also adds to re-sale value. The best Parker furniture (and I wouldn’t put much Parker furniture into that category) has risen in value for the full 14 years I’ve been in this business- there were huge spikes in value during the early 2000’s but even over the last 8 years there have been noticeable and steady gains. These will certainly not lose the majority of their value the second you buy them like those plastic resin chairs! (Good lawd- what will they do next?)

Investing in vintage furniture is a great option- when chairs look like this after 50-odd years of use you have no better guarantee of the quality you’re getting. After most dining chairs have ended up as landfill- this set will be passed onto yet another owner and then onto an entirely new generation. There’s no better way to be environmentally conscious when investing in items for your home.

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