This suite has SOLD! I’d value these 6 chairs at $3800 these days (2020).

Since this listing appeared online we’ve had various enquiries from people wanting to buy this suite. If you have a similar set of chairs to SELL get in contact with us! Our commission fee is 5.5% to 18.5% depending on how much of our time you require to get the results we want.


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Provenance and Background Info

(This description was written in 2014!)

This SET OF 6 sold  immediately for $2900 in 2014. The pair of armchairs shown in the group photos sold separately for an additional- $950. I’d value this suite at more than $4800 these days- in 2020.)

Are you looking for a set of six (or eight- see above) dining chairs that show exceptional construction quality?

incredible design?

will stand the test of time?

are extremely comfortable?

a sound investment for our environment?

and an astute financial investment?

You may well search your lifetime and not find a set of chairs that tick all of these boxes better than this set of chairs.

This is a bold statement to make but after being in this business for 13 years it’s a comment I stand behind. I’ve seen millions of dining chair designs over the years. These are an exceptional set of chairs.

I have marvelled at every aspect of the construction. The backs for a start are timber (under the seagrass cords) and they curve in two directions concurrently- they curve around but they also subtlely curve backwards as well. I have never seen this in a timber back before. This, coupled with the high backs, makes these chairs incredibly comfortable. The two back legs are also set at an angle for a subtle point of interest in the design- this is also very hard to accomplish. All legs are extremely well supported as shown in our array of photos. These are some of the heaviest (probably the heaviest) dining chairs I’ve ever had. I’ve had Coco Republic dining chairs that retailed for $1200 EACH new. These are much better built chairs- they’re in a league of their own.

This set of SIX dining chairs has a design similar to Eero Saarinen’s conference chair. The conference chair with timber legs and an upholstered back retails for approx $1900 EACH. Google “Saarinen conference chair”, study the photos and decide for yourself whether you prefer these or Saarinen’s. This chair adapts the Saarinen design and takes it to a new level. The sea-grass cords have been applied by hand and the job on all chairs is meticulous. The cords not only accentuate the curved line of the back, they also add an earthy slant to Saarinen’s “pop art” feel. The earthiness is captivating and there were times I thought I was looking at a sea shell when narrowing down the photos. The cords are also finished with a high-quality lacquer. This lacquer protects the backs from staining or spills- you can simply wipe the backs down with a damp cloth- they should look like this for a lifetime (or more). Saarinen’s chairs in fabric will get dirty and stained and have to be re-upholstered over time. (Time, expense and not as good for our environment). These chairs are only upholstered on the seats. This is a good thing. Padded seats are more comfortable and the design has been done in a way that allows re-upholstery to be done at home. (Notice the four screws underneath- these are all you need to loosen before removing the seats.) The current fabric is a high-end artistic fabric sourced by the interior designer who worked on the home these came out of. This fabric suited the interior well however it may not suit yours. Re-upholstery is easy (it’s possible the original fabric is even under this.)

Which brings me to my final point (yes this has been quite long!). These chairs came out of a home in one of Australia’s most exclusive real estate strips. I have a photo of the interior with them with a yacht moored out the back. For the sake of discretion to the previous owners I will not disclose the web address that shows this beautiful home. But the real reason I have added this last is because these chairs sell themselves. I have given a few points to consider for those who are not well-versed in furniture. If I had a big enough house they wouldn’t be going anywhere!

I was told these chairs cost $11 000 NEW (with the two end chairs added they were $15 000). They are not the type of thing you’ll see again. Sorry there is one last thing I have to say. Who crafted the chairs? I don’t know. I asked the previous owner and she said she had them sourced by an interior designer- she didn’t really care who they were by. I like this idea. You are buying a set of chairs, not a designer- not a brand. There are no tags or labels. Many of the very best items (that are not mass-produced) don’t bother putting labels on their furniture. Their work speaks for itself.

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This suite has SOLD!
This suite has SOLD!
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