NOTE- This set of chairs SOLD for $1190 for ALL 6 in the first week they were listed in our NEWLY LISTED Category. SOLD from our North Brisbane depot in Morayfield. This listing has also been uploaded for people wishing to express interest in buying or SELLING a similar item through iNVISeDGE and for research purposes. Our commission fee for selling an item like this on your behalf is 5% to 18.5%. (18.5% for most private sellers. 5% is if you’re an experienced dealer and you need a listing platform only with virtually no iNVISeDGE support.)


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These STUA chairs SOLD for AU $1430 for all 6 (including interstate delivery) within 7 days of being listed in our NEWLY LISTED Category in 2020. As shown in our photos, 4 chairs (WITHOUT seat upholstery) are Ash Timber stained in Oak- the last 2 are white-stained Ash (a transparent light finish so the wood-grain still comes through). As shown, the white-stained chairs are upholstered in a QUALITY KVADRAT textile upholstery.  

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Quality-construction suitable for both commercial or residential applications.

SOLD from our North Brisbane depot in Morayfield. These chairs were transported to our customer in MELBOURNE!

Provenance and Background Info

Written in 2020 – some of what’s written below may be time-sensitive

A set of SIX (6) Laclasica chairs designed by Jesus Gasca for STUA of Spain. These chairs tick every box. From a looks perspective they are the height of sophisticated elegance. The sensual fluid design gets noticed but also doesn’t scream for attention. And whilst they’re minimalist in style they’re not clinical like most designer furniture these days. The Ash timber construction gives them warmth and allows them to meld into any interior with natural inclusions such as stone or timber. The best part? This design has been certified for postural health. They’re incredibly comfortable chairs- you just melt into these! Great height- great angles and curved to hug the human body.

To top it off this set is also durable- I’ve used these chairs at home for 3 years now (plus I bought them second-hand to start with!). Look at them! They still look virtually new. They’ve been crafted in Spain with durability and longevity as the cornerstone. The quality just jumps out at you. This design takes cues from Arne Jacobsen’s Series 7 dining chairs but these are a whole lot better. Definitely more comfortable, they stack (like the Series 7 chair) PLUS they’re a lot stronger. The Series 7 is a single piece of laminated plywood which occasionally flexes, cracks and breaks at the curve. I’ve seen this with Series 7 chairs a couple of times over the years. This design has all the beauty of the Series 7 chair but is in 2 separate pieces- the cracking that can happen with the Series 7 is impossible with this design. Furthermore, the underside of the seat is completely supported by an aluminum substructure which not only strengthens the seat but also the joint areas (where the seat joins onto the uprights). These are virtually impossible to damage structurally.

The thing that really clinched it for me is the environmental responsibility STUA takes. They use only certified SUSTAINABLE timber, they eliminate the use of chemicals in the manufacture as much as possible, virtually ALL their packaging materials are plastic-free and to top it off they use as little water as possible during production. This suite really is a breath of fresh air – one day Australia will start making it’s own furniture again … I hope … until then we have businesses like STUA to aspire to and inspire us.

I love these so much I bought them for myself- everything in my next apartment will permanently be for sale with replacements for everything in the garage to bring out as soon as something sells. I chose these to be permanently there for back-up for all the reasons above but also because they’re lightweight (but strong) AND they stack. This means my back-up chairs would have taken up less space in the garage (and in this business space in MONEY)! My work will be taking me away from home a lot over the next few years so I haven’t bought another apartment for now- these chairs are set to take up space in my Brisbane depot for years (and space is money!) so I’ve reluctantly decided to sell them. :+(

Finally one last advantage, why buy furniture when you can invest in it instead? This design is not easy to find in Australia- this set of SIX retailed for about $4500 about 6 years ago! Our price is about ONE QUARTER recommended retail (and these chairs are in GREAT used condition). There’s NO WAY STUA could even make these chairs for that! I bought them second-hand, I’ve used them at home for 3 years, now they’re ready to passed onto another owner (and if they’re looked after they won’t lose a cent of value). Look after them and bring them back to iNVISeDGE when you need a change and I’ll sell them again for AT LEAST this price (but most likely much more).

The Laclasica chair is a triumph in TIMELESS styling and good honest design. After cheap “designer” furniture from developing countries ends up as landfill (where the primary “ingredients” will NEVER break down), these chairs built from SUSTAINABLE timber using as little chemicals as possible will be passed onto yet another owner and then an entirely new generation. Plus by purchasing through iNVISeDGE you’re supporting an Aussie SMALL business- we provide meaningful work opportunities for various Australians and their families and we also use NO plastic when our items are transported. It’s a win for everybody and a big win for the future of our environment. When you buy second-hand furniture found in Australia there’s no better way to invest in your home and reduce your carbon footprint!


These chairs are in brilliant used condition. EVERY chair is solid and perfectly stable despite about 6 years of use. There are a couple of very minor signs of use but nothing that warrants a specific mention. Buttons / rivets on the backs of pants / jeans may cause feint indentations in the timber ones- if you've got jeans on sit on one of the padded ones! There are a couple of very minor indentation marks on the surface of one chair only- they're so minor there's no way this would show up in photos. Also one chair has a nailhead in one of the legs- this is not noticed and a very pedantic observation and doesn't affect this chair AT ALL. I purposely used this chair for the last 3 years- I work at the dining room table. This chair has been sat for 8 hours a day at least 3 days a week for 3 years. (This also proves the comfort on offer here- I have a bad back and can't sit on most chairs!) This chair is exactly the same as the day I bought it. I don't know why you can see a nailhead in the leg of this one and not the others- this is a pedantic COSMETIC observation- the nail is part of the construction- it's obvious it hasn't been added later. I've priced this set accordingly. $210 each for 5 chairs and $130 for the sixth. Don't ask for a discount- I already have discounted them- these are at ONE QUARTER of the retail price already! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I ended up washing the Kvadrat fabric with Woolmix on the chair that showed the more signs of use AFTER TAKING THE PHOTOS. Every mark cleaned out perfectly. The upholstered chairs are in better condition than the photos show. This also verifies the quality of the fabric on offer here. It's not cheap polyester that won't clean- this chair cleaned up easily and now basically presents as new again. Measurements. Height- Across- Depth- Seat height-
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