These chairs sold for $1650 in 2016 within 2 days of being listed in iNVISeDGE. Since this listing has appeared we’ve had a number of queries wanting to buy these chairs. Get in contact with us if you have a similar set of chairs you’d like to SELL!


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Provenance and Background Info

(Written in 2017. These were priced for a quick sale- $1650 for 6- they sold within 2 days of being listed on the iNVISeDGE website. Regularly click into the NEWLY LISTED tab from the Home Page so you don’t miss any of our new finds!)

A set of SIX 1950’s Summertone dining chairs in original condition. I love the 1950’s era and out of everything from the 50’s these are my favourite dining chair design- they’re so cool but more importantly the construction quality is incredible. The frame is metal (and heavy- I think it’s wrought iron)- the chairs are very solid and strong. (These are not tubular). I first came across this design back in 2006 when I sold another set of 6 in this design through iNVISeDGE. I fell in love with the design back then (that set didn’t have the Summertone plaque on the backs so I didn’t know the maker)- these do have maker’s badges. It was about 5 years later I discovered the maker. The few other sets I’ve seen in this design were in dark green vinyl (which doesn’t suit the design at all). This colour is more iconic of the era AND very timeless as well- this set would work in many homes- they’d look great in my place but I don’t need any more dining chairs! The backs and seats are curved so they’re comfortable and the proportions are good. They’re not a big chair so perfect for a tidier look or if you have a smaller space. I’m average height and average build and the comfort is great for me.

Summertone was a Sydney maker that enjoyed high status in the 1950’s- I’ve seen furniture retailer ads in old House & Garden magazines from the early 50’s advertising Featherston Contour chairs, Snelling chairs and Summertone pieces in the same store. From my knowledge Summertone became Moderntone in the 1960’s and enjoyed about 20 years in the Australian marketplace- all their work is exceptional in quality (particularly this chair design). Featherston dining chairs are currently fetching $3900 for a set of 6 and I like this design just as much- and they’re much stronger than Featherston chairs! Summertone is surprisingly rare- I’ve wanted to stock this design again for over 10 years now but I just can’t find them. If you want something unique with a cool vintage twist, don’t hesitate, it could be another 10 years before I come across another set … particularly in a colour that’d look brilliant in many of today’s homes.

These are in fully original condition. I cleaned and tidied them up (I didn’t need to spend long) so the durability is assured- look at them over 60 years on! Modern furniture will never compete with anything like this. Not only are they a smart investment for your home (I think they’re worth way more than this) but by valuing (and recycling) vintage design you’re reducing your carbon footprint.

These chairs have SOLD!!!
These chairs have SOLD!!!
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