SOLD TO SARAH FOR $1595 during lock-down 2020. The suite on offer in this listing SOLD under consignment from a private seller in MELBOURNE. The 6 chairs we have available are in RED VINYL. The photos that are NOT on a plain white background are of the actual chairs on offer taken by our vendor. iNVISeDGE sold this set on behalf of this seller.  If you have a similar set of chairs to sell get in contact with us!


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SOLD TO SARAH FOR $1595 in May 2020- way too cheap! The day these went on hold we had 3  people express interest in buying these chairs for the asking price of $1595. If I ever find a set of 6 of these again, a set that presents like this will be priced at MORE than $1595!

All the chairs photographed on the white-photographic backdrop are DISPLAY PHOTOS of a set of chairs we sold back in 2017. They were the EXACT SAME design as the set that just SOLD but in RED VINYL. The photos that are NOT professionally taken (the last 12 photos) are of the actual chairs that sold in this listing. They had various minor signs of use- all cosmetic (read the Condition & Dimensions tab for more details). We used photo-editing software to change the colour of the previous set we sold to the colour of the suite on offer. We also had a play with the editing software and changed the colour to lime-green as well to spark your creativity- so cool!

This suite SOLD under consignment from a private seller in MELBOURNE.

NOTE- the grey suite SOLD within 2 days of being listed on this website in 2017. It has become one of our most popular listings. If you Google “designer vintage chairs” which is quite a general Google Search and click on IMAGES this listing comes up near the top in Google Images (I think it’s first to be honest) which means these chairs are one of the most clicked-on “Vintage Designer Chairs” photos in Australia. We’ve had various people express interest in buying the previous suite after they sold (for substantially more than we sold them for). We’ve been actively searching for another set of 6 and have been advertising we want another suite. It’s taken almost 3 YEARS to get another set- dally around and you could be waiting another 3 years! These are extremely rare!

Background Info and Provenance

(Description written in 2017)


A set of 6 vintage dining chairs made in Australia by possibly Aristoc, Pongrass or Wallace Furniture. It wouldn’t surprise me if these are a Featherston design because they’re exceptional but I can’t find anything definitive about the designer of these (only because they’re so rare). They’re certainly early-1960’s though. The last set in this design I came across was a set of 5 in faded orange vinyl (it was about 3 years ago now) and I seriously considered buying them even though I never stock 5 dining chairs (or rarely 4 for that matter). I just couldn’t go past this design though. In my opinion, they’re in line with the iconic Scape chair done by Featherston also from the early 1960’s (Scape chairs were produced by Aristoc). To be honest I like these even more than Scape chairs. The Scape design is very bold so you need a lot of space for them to “breathe”. This design still has that distinct 60’s “space-age shape but they’re more minimalist and refined so they’d look amazing in a larger variety of spaces. I love all those curves and the chopstick legs!

I was excited to finally experience this design closer. They tick all the boxes in my eyes. They’re very well-built and durable- just look at them after almost 60 years of use. The styling is amazing and they’re so comfortable too. The back is a little low (this was to tailor a really minimalist look) but the comfort is still very good for a dining chair- they’re nicely padded and the back is curved- they cradle you nicely. And these rare vintage chairs have STRONG investment appeal. I sold my last set of 6 Scape chairs for $1895 within 3 days of being listed- I prefer this design and they’re harder to find than Scape chairs so the investment appeal box also gets a resounding tick.

Good design stands alone. Honest workmanship endures. Many modern chairs in similar styles end up as landfill within years but these chairs are almost 60 years old and still going strong (incredible!). Why buy mass-produced shit when you can invest in something with timeless good-looks, character and amazing investment appeal (these will hold there value (at least) in coming years. I’d say in 10 years this suite will be worth significantly more than this.) There’s very few better ways to invest in your home and reduce your carbon footprint.


All 6 chairs are in solid sturdy condition with NO structural damage or issues to report at all. All the backs and seats sit securely on the metal frames. There's no weakness / movement / breaks in the timber seat or back sections (under the vinyl). There are no cracks or weakness in any of the weld joints. These specific questions were asked of our vendor and the answer to all our questions was no. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ QUESTION ASKED OF OUR VENDOR ... We can see various signs of use to the vinyl (to be expected). We can only see minor signs of use- scuffs, very small cuts and nicks. Is there anything else that particularly stands out and is not shown in your photos? ANSWER ... No- the chairs are all in pretty good condition really and I made a point to take photos of the worst signs of use. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ QUESTION ASKED OF OUR VENDOR- The finish to the metal (including the shoes on the chair tips) appears original so these areas obviously show signs of age and use. Is there any damage to the metal that doesn't show up in your photos? VENDOR ANSWER ... No ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ To my eyes the red vinyl MAY have been touched up at some stage. This would have been done by a professional as the colour match is perfect. Scuffs and wear to corners of vinyl is common in chairs that are about 60 years old. These edges have possibly been attended to by a professional. In my opinion the red vinyl is original and small signs of use have been attended to by a professional. The chairs present extremely well overall. To round it off the vendor has been asked if there are any signs of use to the chairs that don't show in any her photos ... her answer was no. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The black metal frames probably just need a good clean and then they'd present well. Our last set we got matt-black Dulux paint from Bunnings about $18 and painted the sections that needed a re-vamp- it took about an hour. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Measurements. Across- 52cm. Depth- 45cm. Total Height- 70cm. Seat Height- 45cm.
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