SOLD IN 2021- transported to our lucky buyer in Melbourne!

This suite is being sold by a regular iNVISeDGE seller in ADELAIDE but it can be transported Australia-wide for a reasonable additional fee.


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This listing is for the 8 dining chairs only. If you’d like the matching dining table we can add that in for you for an extra $350! Total- $1850 extension dining table (solid timber table) with 8 dining chairs hand-crafted (all Artica Furniture was custom-made in Australia).

iNVISeDGE now has 2 regular sellers in Adelaide. This suite is being sold under consignment from one of our regular sellers. I travelled to Adelaide to specifically work with this seller and have experienced these chairs in the flesh (she photographed these chairs though). There will be more items being sold from Adelaide in upcoming months and years. This suite can be transported Australia-wide for a reasonable additional fee.

Extraordinary QUALITY! Kai Krsitainsen style chairs- they have a very Danish mid-century flavour.

Upholstered in QUALITY FULL-GRAIN COW LEATHER by HOWE Leather (Australia).

CUSTOM-MADE in Adelaide in the early 1990’s.

Background Info and Provenance

A set of 8 VINTAGE “LAPPI” dining chairs made by ARTICA FURNITURE. Artica were a craftsman furniture-manufacturer based in Adelaide, South Australia (Artica went out of business very recently). I love the shape of these chairs! They have a very Kai Kristainsen-flavour with the rounded backs and lean, elegant profile. These are seriously stunning chairs, very COMFORTABLE and exude the type of QUALITY you VERY rarely find in furniture these days. These chairs have been built to be passed onto future generations- the structural workmanship shown here is incredible!

I recently listed and sold an Artica lounge suite (very quickly)- this is the first Artica dining suite I’ve experienced in the flesh- I found both these suites seriously impressive! The only reason most people have not heard of Artica is because there’s not much of it around. When furniture is made this way (using the techniques of yesteryear), it can’t (and never will be) mass-produced. It was impossible for Artica to make these suites en-masse. The hours of craftsmanship involved preclude this. These 8 chairs retailed for over $5,000 back in the early 1990s! That’s just for the chairs- the matching table sold for around $4,500. TOTAL- $9,750 which would be about $19,022 today! As a comparison, the average Australian family at the time could have bought a new Honda Accord for a similar price (around $10,500 for a new car back then! We have attached the print advert in this listing to prove it!)

Dating from the early 1990’s, this particular suite was rarely used by the original owners as it was in their formal dining room. The chairs are sleek and minimalist in design. When put with a matching table, the full suite makes a sophisticated statement.

There’s absolutely NO way ANY furniture company in the world could produce this suite for anywhere close to our asking price. This leather is the real deal- proper Australian FULL-GRAIN VINTAGE leather (by Howe Leather). It’s buttery soft but THICK as well. It is not heavily processed and protected by a quality pigment finish. This leather is already about 30 years old and looks close to new! If you give this leather a little attention every now and then (a quick clean and an application of conditioner every couple of months), this upholstery will serve you and your family for a lifetime or more.

But it’s not just the quality that comes up trumps here. These chairs are also extremely comfortable- they have a curved padded backrest at just the right height to give you great lumbar support. (These chairs have a good height- most Danish chairs are not as tall- with shorter chairs the comfort can often be compromised). Crafted in SOLID-ASH timber they just DON’T make furniture like this anymore, and in fact solid timber furniture like this was rarely produced back then due to the cost involved.

Buying Australian-made vintage furniture is a great way to go. You’re investing in a stunning suite of the highest-possible quality- to top it off the value of vintage Artica Furniture is set to sky-rocket in the future! There’s no better way to invest in your home and reduce your carbon footprint … plus by buying from iNVISeDGE you’re supporting various AUSTRALIAN SMALL businesses (including our freight carriers).


All 8 chairs have NO movement in any joint, NO cracks, NO splits, NO breakage, NO repairs, NO structural faults at all. These chairs- and in fact the full suite- was rarely used by the original owners, all pieces are in incredible original condition for a suite that's about 30 years old! The chairs are stunning and have a minimalist flavour (synonymous with all cutting-edge designer furniture made at the time). Thanks to TOP-QUALITY construction and materials these chairs are ready to be used and loved for another generation (or more). ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I also have a large piece of spare leather from the original owners of this suite (should you need it in the future). The THICK FULL-GRAIN leather is top of the range and presents incredibly well for 30-year-old chairs. There's no noticeable damage at all, however one chair has a small crease in the seat (which can be seen in our photos if you use the magnifying tool.) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Overall, this vintage suite presents extremely well and will last the long-haul. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ARTICA Dining Chairs Measurements : Across – 51 cm. Depth – 53 cm. Total height – 80 cm. Seat height – 46 cm. Read my 1200+ ebay feedback comments (ALL for furniture and decorative arts SALES) to be assured that this furniture is described as accurately as possible and that I will not purchase items of inferior quality or with significant cosmetic flaws.
Can be sent by a specialist furniture courier AUSTRALIA-WIDE. It'd cost about $240 to get all 8 chairs to Melbourne.
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