This listing is for set of 8 dining chairs. This Burgess suite SOLD in 2015. This listing has been uploaded for research purposes and for people to express interest in buying or selling a similar item through iNVISeDGE. Click on the link below to express your interest.


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Provenance and Background Info

(Written in 2015)

NOTE- I sold these chairs for $2195 back in 2015- they sold in 8 days. If I had these exact chairs again I’d price them at AT LEAST $2400- . (New value given in 2018.)

A set of EIGHT sculptural dining chairs with Danish influence by highly-regarded Australian company, Burgess. A few of these chairs still have the Burgess Quality Control label underneath. The construction is of the same quality as Parker Furniture or better. These chairs have curved timber seats (the section under the vinyl is timber)- if memory serves me correctly Parker armchairs like this are standard elasticized webbing- webbing is much easier and cheaper to produce and not as durable. These chairs are 1960’s, most likely mid-1960’s. They were custom-made by Burgess- this is the information given to me from the people I purchased them from. It makes sense- not many dining areas back in 60’s would have been able to accommodate 8 chairs of this size. Today, houses are often built for entertaining and will accommodate a larger dining suite and these armchairs are some of the most comfortable you could buy. Not only will your guests love them but you’ll fall for the comfort and practicality on top of the looks. They are more comfortable than any other dining chair in Danish styling I’ve come across and they look amazing. The leanness and refined quality of this design screams sophistication but because they’re armchairs there’s a boldness there as well.

Not many sets of EIGHT dining chairs were made in the 1960’s and sets of eight armchairs are virtually impossible to find- this is the first set like this I’ve seen in over 15 years in this business. This makes these chairs a very strong investment.

They tick every box- the comfort box- the investment box- the looks box (imagine these 4 by 4 along a solid timber dining table!). But above all this set would bring a unique slant to your dining area.

Vintage armchairs can sell for as high as $650 a chair (over $5000 for eight). Many modern dining chairs end up as landfill within a decade but when sets of vintage chairs look like this after over 50 years of regular use, buyers have full confidence of the quality they’re buying- it’s quite simple, these chairs were built to last and their condition proves they have. There are very few better ways to invest in your home and reduce your carbon footprint.

NOTE- This description was written in 2015. Some information provided in this listing will be time-sensitive and may be different today.

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