Listing price for the 8 dining chairs only. The full suite SOLD for $2250 (for the extension dining table & 8 chairs) within 7 days of being listed. We sold this suite UNDER CONSIGNMENT FROM MY CLIENT’S HOME IN NORTH LAKES, North Brisbane- sorry SOLD!!! WE OPERATED AS THE SELLER’S AGENT AND ORGANISED THE FULL SALE ON THE SELLER’S BEHALF. The listed price INCLUDED our commission fee. If you have a similar item you’d like to sell get in contact with us. Our commission fee for private sellers is 18.5% AND IS INCLUDED IN THE ABOVE PRICE!


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NOTE- listing price for the 8 dining chairs only. This full suite SOLD for $2250 (for the extension dining table AND 8 chairs) within 7 days of being listed. Keep following our NEWLY LISTED section on our website. We sold this suite UNDER CONSIGNMENT FROM MY CLIENT’S HOME IN NORTH LAKES, North Brisbane. WE OPERATED AS THE SELLER’S AGENT SO ORGANISED THE FULL SALE ON THE SELLER’S BEHALF. The listed price here INCLUDED our commission fee. SORRY SOLD!!!

Provenance and Background Info

A SET OF EIGHT (8) dining chairs designed by Johannes Andersen of Denmark. These are the epitome of refined cultured design. They have a sculptural flow that draws you in and holds your attention. This is the first set of EIGHT vintage chairs in the Danish Modern style I’ve had for as long as I can remember. From memory it was 2007 I had my last set of 8 but they were Danish-INSPIRED (made by Parker Furniture in Australia). I think these are actually Danish-made. This design was produced by Uldum Mobelfabrik in Denmark, D-Scan for the American market and Danish Deluxe here in Australia to name a few. Danish Deluxe might initially be the assumed maker for this suite but it came out of a house that had other Danish-made furniture (designs never produced in Australia) so I’d say it could actually be Danish.

This design doesn’t come up often- they’re about as rare as Fler dining chairs and the popular Parker spade-back chairs that sell for up to $650 PER chair. I think these are on-par with Parker spade-back chairs … well, to be honest I think they’re a step above. The construction quality is slightly above. Parker spade-backs have veneer across the backs which can bubble and flake off over time and the curved seats on the spade-backs sometimes becomes brittle and problematic over time. I think the look of these chairs is also in-line with Parker spade-backs. They’re equally as refined and flowing. At the time of writing I could only find one set of these chairs for sale in Australia- in Melbourne reduced from $600 PER CHAIR to $450 EACH but they’re a SET of 6- sets of 8 vintage chairs are in a different league value-wise. I also came across a set of 4 on Etsy overseas for AU $800 PER CHAIR and a couple of other listings where they were about US$400 EACH ($573 Australian dollars). (See the screenshots provided.) Our set is in great condition and priced to sell.

This set was re-upholstered in a quality Warwick Fabric a few years ago. I like the fabric. If I needed dining chairs, I’d be happy with them as they are. The fabric gives them designer flair but it’s not over the top. I think it works very well but the best thing is this is OUTDOOR fabric- a really smart choice for dining chairs. This fabric is easy to clean- simply wipe them off with a damp cloth. They’d be great if you have kids- you get a stunning set of chairs that are also kid-friendly.

These chairs make a fantastic investment. Because they’re about 50 years old, the workmanship and quality is assured. With normal use they’ll last generations. And to top it off they’re also a comfortable chair- various Danish-designed dining chairs are not. These are really nice to sit in. (Notice the curve in the back, the angles and padding.)

Chairs in this style have increased in value over time and whilst many modern chairs end up as landfill within years, this vintage suite is being passed onto yet another household. Good design and thoughtful workmanship is timeless. If you look after these chairs there’s no reason why they won’t reward you in many ways for years to come. There’s no better way to invest in your home and reduce your carbon footprint.

Ref- 1906

All 8 chairs are in excellent condition overall- I’d give them an 8 out of 10 for dining chairs of this age. The timber on every chair is in beautiful condition with very few noticeable signs of use if any. One chair has had a professional repair to the top back corner. This is not noticeable and this chair is as strong as it ever was. Every chair is structurally solid and sturdy with NO cracks around any joints, NO movement, NO wobbles, NO creaks or groans. Two of the chairs have feint spill marks on the seats. These are not noticed unless you're looking for them. One looks like it could be glue and the other looks as though a cleaning product has accidentally been split on a small area which is why both these minor marks won't wipe off. (This is outdoor fabric so normal use-marks can be wiped off with a damp cloth.) Overall the fabric is in excellent condition and the full suite presents very well for a suite of this age (as the photos show). One of the chairs with a mark is actually closest to the camera in the 3rd photo and as this photo shows, it's hard to spot. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Chair Measurements. Height- 77cm. Width- 47cm. Depth- 45cm.
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