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Provenance and Background Info

(Description written in 2012). Listing price is for the 8 CHAIRS ONLY!!

A set of EIGHT 8 Le Brea dining chairs from Coco Republic. Coco Republic’s extensive range of discreetly-elegant furniture is complemented by their exclusive distribution of top-tier international brands such as Lauren- Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and Andrew Martin. These eight chairs are upholstered in Ralph Lauren, Leningrad Paisley fabric- Red LFY10325F. Le Brea chairs in Coco Republic currently retail for about $840 each in standard linen. In this Ralph Lauren fabric I’d say they’d be about $1100 each. This fabric is interesting in design but I believe that when they’re teamed with the right table (TABLE photographed IS NOT INCLUDED) the effect is awesome. The suite looks warm and homely with an elegant opulent edge. The earthy colours are what create a hit here. The earthiness counteracts the opulence of the fabric- the effect is one of balance and synergy.

These Le Brea chairs are a staple in the Coco Republic line and there is a lot to like about them. The attention to detail is second to none- they are beautifully made chairs with accents such are bordering in the timber legs, piping and studding to the edges of the fabric and beautiful curves. They’re extremely comfortable chairs as well- they look luxurious and are just as luxurious to relax in- they’re a chair with generous proportions (some of the biggest dining chairs I’ve seen). The comfort extends to shaped seat cushioning to counteract uncomfortable areas that many people complain about in dining chairs. Coco Republic has developed a reputation for quality. These dining chairs hold a TEN-YEAR structural guarantee which is unheard of in dining chairs. To make such a claim seems ludicrous but when you inspect the Le Brea chair closely they’re as solid as a rock and interestingly you can’t swing back onto two legs- this is why such a guarantee can be made. I often have customers come to me who no longer want to buy chairs that will break when friends sit on them with less than four legs on the floor. This won’t happen with these chairs. These are not a furniture purchase but an investment for years of comfort and use.

Several of Coco Republic’s lines are produced in Australia by craftspeople who have been producing furniture BY HAND for generations using traditional age-old techniques. The result is the production of ‘tomorrow’s antiques’ and it’s a claim that I too stand by after closely looking at these chairs. The set on offer in this auction are about 7 years old (I could be out slightly here as I can’t remember what the previous owners said now). They look as good as you’ll find for second-hand upholstered chairs. It’s highly likely there’s at least several years warranty still left on these chairs but I can’t see anyone needing it anyway. Each chair is computer labeled and the bar-code on the label provides the details of when and where the chairs were purchased (we got them sent up from our last lot from Sydney- they were NOT purchased from Coco Republic in Brisbane).

There is nothing to fault about these chairs and you can’t really buy better. They will become a much loved addition to anyone’s home. Investing in items such as Coco Republic is one the best investments you can make for your home and to reduce landfill.

These chairs have sold!
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