ALL 8 CHAIRS SOLD FOR $4000. (March 2022.) 

This suite is being sold by a regular iNVISeDGE seller in ADELAIDE. Delivery Australia-wide can be arranged for a reasonable additional price. We are able to organise every aspect of the sale to ensure a seamless transaction.

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ALL 8 CHAIRS SOLD FOR $4000. (March 2022.) 

This suite is being sold by a regular iNVISeDGE seller in ADELAIDE. Delivery Australia-wide can be arranged for a reasonable additional price, and are able to organise every aspect of the sale to ensure a seamless transaction.

Provenance and Background Info

Written in 2021 by the iNVISeDGE regular seller in Adelaide (in conjunction with Michael Grealy)

Some 18 years ago, Michael from iNVISeDGE ‘discovered’ Joe Rufenacht’s stunning furniture, and instantly fell in love with the minimalist designs and exceptional quality and workmanship. Today, it is safe to say that iNVISeDGE is the leading source for Rufenacht furniture worldwide.

Joe Rufenacht dining chairs have now become the most sought-after dining chair in Australia- values for Rufenacht furniture are going up quickly and demand is always increasing. We get MORE enquiries for this AUSTRALIAN furniture designer than for any other. The comfort of this design is SUBLIME! These are beautiful to sit in- you can have leisurely dinner parties in these chairs and relax in them for HOURS! The vintage leather is also beautiful to touch- the AUSTRALIAN-MADE cushioning is also just perfection. If you want the perfect dining chair- this is it in my opinion!

We love the colours of this suite- imagine these chairs in a monochrome interior, or matched with a marble topped dining table … STUNNING! It’s bold, and it’s beautiful, and quite a variation to the ‘usual’ Rufenacht colour palettes. And when you feel the leather- this VINTAGE Howe leather is some of the best QUALITY leather ever made- still soft and supple after about 30 years of use! There is now a vintage Howe Leather brochure on the iNVISeDGE website. Peruse our NEWLY LISTED Category to find it. This brochure outlines the reasons why FULL-GRAIN leather is far superior to every other leather on the market and “Howe” to look after full-grain leather so it will last you another 30 years!

There was a time in the late 1970’s when Rufenacht had won more furniture design awards than anybody else in this country. Rufenacht was a stickler for quality- he was fastidious about furniture. He created a chair from scratch- tested it, had other people test it, mulled over it for some time, made adjustments, went back and made another chair from scratch, tested it … and so on. He did this 40 times for his swivel lounge chair! It is no wonder he kept winning design awards.

The investment appeal box is ticked, comfort is well and truly ticked (they are the most comfortable dining chairs we have ever sat in) which leaves us with quality and value for money.

These chairs should inspire us all and show us the way forward. Most modern furniture is made with little respect for the earth’s resources and even less for the workers who make them. If these chairs were made today in Australia iNVISeDGE would still promote them but the fact that they are vintage (and no longer in production) makes them even more special. When you INVEST in items such as this there’s no better way to reduce landfill and your carbon footprint. If these chairs are used with some sense, there’s no reason why they won’t last another 30 years and then another 30, then another, becoming more valued each time they are passed onto a new set of hands and then an entirely new generation.


The entire suite is in amazing condition for furniture that's about 30 years old. (We predict that this particular suite was made in the early 1990's.) Solid and sturdy with NO structural issues to report at all, NO movement in any joint area, NO cracks or splits in the timber and NO repairs. Cosmetically there's also nothing to report. They may have a few minor signs of use but nothing that warrants a mention. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This FULL-GRAIN HOWE leather is one of the best QUALITY furniture coverings you'll find. It's durable and if cleaned and nourished after every few months of use (or after the air-conditioner has been used for awhile) it will continue to last for the long-haul. The leather has just been cleaned and nourished so it's soft, supple and ready for the next custodian to use and enjoy. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Measurements. Width 54 cm, Depth 60 cm, Height 87 cm - Seat Height 49 cm. Freight – approx. 0.3 cubic metres per chair. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Read our 1200+ feedback comments on ebay (ALL for vintage furniture and decor SALES) to be assured that we describe all our items in detail for a seamless transaction (and we have happy customers Australia-wide- and world-wide for our decorative arts pieces.)
Can be freighted Australia-wide. It'd cost about $300 to get all 8 chairs to Melbourne.
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