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Our prices are in AUSTRALIAN dollars (it’s significantly less in US dollars).  

Background Info and Provenance

(Written in 2021)

A lion sculpture made in Italy- the Rosenthal Netter label verifies this- I believe the piece is a 1960’s piece. This is a large piece (approx. 32cm wide and quite high too). It’s a feature piece and can sit on a sideboard, hall table or side table and become the focal point of the space. It formed part of my own collection for several years- I had it as part of a display in a hall area. It really bought life to that area and gave the space an arty look. I love it but I have moved house and it’s currently in storage so it’s time for him to find another loving home.

This piece was produced by Alvino Bagni in the 60’s. Rosenthal Netter was a retail store in America that sold a lot of Italian decorative arts pieces during the 50’s and 60’s. They mainly sold Bitossi pieces but other artists including Alvino Bagni were also represented. The label on the base gives it irrefutable history and investment appeal. If you Google, “Alvino Bagni lion” this is the first piece that comes up and that one is priced at a staggering AU$3,300! At my price, this is an obvious investment and one that I believe will easily gain value in the near future (in the right gallery it could be sold for double this right now- and easily). Bagni started off working for Bitossi and later cut loose and established his own business. His designs are distinctly his own, highly celebrated and very collectable on a worldwide platform.

This piece is a lot rarer than virtually every vintage Italian pottery piece produced and has at least the same degree of handiwork as Bitossi animals. Bitossi lions are easily fetching AU$900 in Australia at the moment- due to its rarity, this one should be worth a decent bit more.

The real beauty of owning a vintage piece like this is knowing it won’t be in vogue for just a season or even a couple of years before ending up as landfill. This one will continue to be handed down through the generations gathering more stories with each passing of hands. There’s no better way I can think of to invest in your home and reduce your carbon footprint.


This lion is in excellent condition considering his age and travels. There are NO cracks, NO repairs, NO chips, NO damage. He’s vintage so may have minor signs of use but nothing that warrants a mention. Any white marks are light reflection. Sorry- I've just re-checked this one and there is small glaze flake off the tail. I didn't notice it when I was photographing it but this did show up in the 3rd last photo. Click on the magnifying tool. Then when the photo is bigger, click on the magnifying tool again to super-size the image. It has been colour corrected so its not really noticeable- I missed it when I was doing the photos. For such a big piece, for this to be the only damage, it's pretty insignificant as it doesn't affect the display of the piece at all. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ He has a width of about 31.5cm and a height of about 25cm. And weighs 1415 grams. It’s a substantial piece. Read my 1200+ ebay feedback comments (ALL are positive and ALL are for vintage furniture/decorative art SALES- 100 or so are from repeat customers). This is your guarantee that I strive to describe all my items as accurately as I can and I will not stock items unless they are in excellent condition.
PICK-UP . . . from 30 or 40 minutes North of BRISBANE city is accepted but postage is preferred as my home is hard to find. Because of this I will nominate a friend or family member for you to collect the item from if you need collection. Pick-up in person must be worked out prior to purchase- thank you. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ POSTAGE is offered internationally. All our Decorative Arts pieces are delivered through AUSTRALIA POST. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ POSTAGE ESTIMATES. . . . ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ To BRISBANE- most of our pieces cost $15 - $18 to send. . . To SYDNEY or MELBOURNE- Small Vase- around $20 - $23, Medium Vase- around $20 - $25, Large Vase- around $24 - $30. Let us know if you need an EXACT COST for postage prior to purchase. The above postage estimates include $2.95 for a signature on delivery. . . INSURANCE against being lost or broken in transit up to the value of $200 is included in the estimates above. If your vase is cheaper or more expensive than $200 this will effect your postage fee slightly. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A BOXING FEE of $3.00 is included in the fee above to cover the cost of searching for and storing used packing materials. With the millions of cardboard boxes that end up as landfill every year we don’t believe in supporting the manufacture of boxes for post. Instead of buying new boxes and packing materials and passing this cost onto our customers we spend considerable time sourcing used boxes and then fashioning boxes to fit each item. We do the same for bubble-wrap and foam pieces. This requires a large investment of time, energy, ingenuity, organization and storage space- it is much easier and cheaper to buy new packing materials but I can’t justify taking the easy way out when so much packing material ends up polluting our earth. Our $3.00 charge does little to pay for the time (and storage) needed do this and to pack your item (there is also the time needed to get your package to the post office). This is something we’re happy to do for our customers and the environment. We appreciate your support in this area.
We accept DIRECT BANK DEPOSIT. We send photographic ID of the iNVISeDGE store owner (Michael Grealy) to all customers at the point of sale, along with media articles about iNVISeDGE with photos of Michael Grealy in them (most of these articles are about 10 years old). Your payment will be paid into an Australian ANZ bank account under the name Michael Grealy (or iNVISeDGE). Please read our ebay feedback spanning more than 15 years for irrefutable proof of our online trading history and reputation. Ebay feedback can ONLY be left by LEGITIMATE PAYING customers! Additionally please be aware that in Australia ALL consumers are protected BY LAW if the goods or services they buy are not as described. (But this should be of no concern- in our first 15 years of trading we have over 1150 positive ebay feedback comments and ZERO negative feedback comments.) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ On occasions a DIRECT BANK DEPOSIT can be made at the time of collection. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ On occasions CASH payment when you collect your item may also be available. Confirm prior to purchase if you need this. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Other payment methods are available but problematic and may incur additional fees. Tell us prior to purchase if you are unable to feel 100% confident with our trading history and payment methods so we can negotiate something else with you.
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