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This table SOLD through iNVISeDGE for $890 back in 2011! The description was also written in 2011.

Provenance and Background Info

A Diabolo extension dining table in cherry timber veneer made by Arco. This table can disassemble into 4 parts and be stored away in a wardrobe when not needed. This is a very practical and versatile piece- disassembly is easy (you do need 2 people though). Perfect for a studio apartment- you can have a table for 6 people assembled in minutes. It would also be great as a second dining table (perhaps for the kids at Xmas). The disassembly part may sound a little shady but this is a high-end table. The construction is top quality- it’s a solid unit when assembled and looks beautiful. The centre pedestal gives it a clean minimalist look. The styling is distinctly Scandinavian and would suit many modernist interiors.

The Diabolo table is made by Arco and was designed by Arnold Merckx in 1990. Arco is a world leader in design famous for its high-quality workmanship. Arco is sold by high-end retailers alongside items such as those by Artifort, B&B Italia, Artemide and Poliform. Arnold Merckx is responsible for many renowned and award-winning designs by various manufacturers. Many of his table designs are manufactured by Artifort and retail for in excess of $4000. This Arco table was never retailed in Australia and at the time of purchase I forgot to ask the owner how it came to be here- this is one of the few pieces I actually found in Brisbane. It’s certainly authentic. Apart from the instructions section photographed- there is a leather Arco badge under the table and there’s also the word Diabolo cast in the brushed aluminium base.

This is a great investment. I predict that it would have retailed for $2000-$3000 new- the Diabolo table is still for sale today but they won’t give out the price. This piece has been made to last and after about 15 years of use it looks wonderful. When many modern dining tables have ended up as landfill this Arco table will be handed onto yet another owner- a symbol that when something has been designed and constructed well it lives on. Buying high-quality second-hand items for your home is not only a smart investment financially but one of the best investments you can make for our environment.

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