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Background Info and Provenance

(Written in 2017. Some information within may be time-sensitive. SOLD in 2017 for $1795.)

A stunning TOP-GRADE LEATHER sofa that converts into a day bed or chaise lounge via the 2 front levers. (This can be used as a 3.5 seater or 4-seater sofa with both wings down.) This piece was designed and made in Australia by Artifex. Artifex has been a main-stay in Australian furniture production and have had similar versions to this in production since the 1970’s. It’s currently one of their most successful and sought-after designs. We have evidence that this sofa costs in excess of $5000 new (with a 6-week lead-time). The sofa on offer here is virtually in showroom condition. I first took notice of Artefix about 7 years ago whilst searching for stock for iNVISeDGE. A late-70’s sofa in a similar style stood out and then another one a few years later. (That’s all I’ve come across to buy in 7 years.) Artifex’s work is top of the line and they’ve etched out an enviable reputation in Australian furniture. A courtesy look at sofas like this is all that’s needed to understand why. These are top-quality pieces boasting outstanding workmanship. The leather is stunning in quality as are all facets of the construction. This Artifex sofa compares to famed B & B Italia counterparts but a comparable B & B Italia piece would cost closer to $18 000 new!

Buying leather furniture is hit and miss these days. Leather is not what is used to be and has left many of us scratching our heads. This is because developing countries have discovered ways to produce leather that still can be labelled “leather” but is actually the scraps that have been cut from the underside (not the top skin) so it disintegrates in years. Some of the big furniture chains have been caught out over the years but because Artifex is small and source their leathers in Australia so their leather products have outlasted virtually all their competitors.

A single side wing of this lounge can be lowered to form a chaise lounge, both wings can lie straight out to form a king-size single bed that even the tallest person can stretch out on or the wings can be moved into a multitude of upright angles to suit the comfort (or use) you want. So the comfort (and practicality) box gets a tick, the durability box is ticked (this is proudly Australian-made by an Australian-owned family company), it looks great (very space-age from some angles but not over-the-top. This leaves investment appeal. This item has been used for about 3 years and has very little to show of it. This is the advantage of buying items second-hand- the quality becomes obvious after several years of use. Based on my experience, this sofa will last as well as their sofas from the 1970’s (which look brilliant after 40 years on). I think the $5000 new price tag is good value for money when you compare it to what else is on the market- at our price the investment appeal is a no-brainer.

Many new modern pieces are made to end up as landfill within years but when a family-owned Australian furniture business still has its spot in the marketplace after about 40 years (in very turbulent “furniture-times”) with an untarnished record, you can be assured they’re doing a lot right. Investing in businesses who take pride in workmanship (and stand behind their work) is our only way out of this mess. There’s very few better ways to invest in your home and reduce landfill.

This sofa has sold.
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