SOLD WITHIN 3 WEEKS of being listed for a decent amount MORE THAN OUR RESERVE PRICE (Sept 2021). Our buyer has asked us not to disclose our final sale price.

LOCATION- Geelong, South of MELBOURNE. Interstate freight Australia-wide can also be arranged for you. It’d cost about $420 to get this full suite to Sydney (it’s quite a substantial suite). This listing has also been uploaded for research purposes and for people to express interest in buying or selling a similar item through iNVISeDGE. SMS us for SELLING enquiries or call for BUYING enquiries using the phone number given on our Home Page.


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SOLD WITHIN 3 WEEKS of being listed for a decent amount MORE THAN OUR RESERVE PRICE (Sept 2021). Our buyer has asked us not to disclose our final sale price.

THE PRICE IS OFFERS OVER AU $4895 for ALL 4 PIECES! Our prices are all in AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS. We would consider breaking up this suite because of the rarity each piece. The chaise sections often sell on their own (they look great independent of the suite). The small piece in the middle is also incredibly rare. If you have a Sity suite and want to extend it, this is a great piece to have. That piece can be added in or removed depending on your living environment. This piece was used in various places by the previous owners. They loved the practicality of this suite with it separating into 4 parts. They used this suite in a smaller home at one stage without the small middle piece in. If you have interest in the full suite, come forward quickly because we will entertain enquiries coming through for parts of this rare vintage design.

Provenance and Background Info

(Most of this was written in 2017 when we sold our previous Sity suite and updated in 2021.)

A 4-PIECE chaise lounge suite by Italian maker, B & B Italia. This is from the “Sity” range- this design is at its most prestigious and best. You can get prestigious design that really isn’t that good- this lounge suite ticks every box though. The durable construction and comfort are BOTH an absolute sensation. Whether nestled into the corner section or lying out on the chaise section, I don’t think I’ve ever been more relaxed in a lounge suite. The seat has nice support and the back cushions are super-soft- watch your stresses melt away when you laze in this after a hard day!

It looks amazing too but is not over-the-top- it would nestle nicely into any space. Most of these suites have been re-upholstered (because the design is now 35 years old). This suite is fully original though and has had family use the whole time- this is testament not only to the superior construction but the quality of the leather B & B Italia used back in the 80’s AS WELL AS their cushioning. The “Sity” design was released in 1986 and was often upholstered in Memphis-style fabrics. This was when 80’s pop-culture was peaking- it was all the rage to have modernist shapes and psychedelic fabrics in bright happy colours. The interesting thing is, the “minimalist” look chosen by the family who purchased this suite back in 1989 also works extremely well (and was way ahead of its time) … such a versatile design! This original light-coloured leather (which is a bluey soft-grey) allows the floating curves and unique, architectural armrests to take the attention.

When you look at the screen-shots included in this listing, you’ll note that the suite in the original Memphis fabrics was priced at GBP 7029 BUT this was back in 2016. (This is the equivalent of AU $14,359 today.) That listing on 1st Dibs also clearly stated that this suite needed full re-upholstery as well- the lounge on offer here does NOT.) I used to be baffled why people re-upholstered Parker lounge suites in these “busy” 80’s fabrics. Now I understand. These fabrics look so sensational on the 80’s designs (such as the “Sity”) that people thought they’d look just as great on any nice-looking lounge- but they simply don’t translate (to be quite blunt Parker lounges in these Memphis-style fabrics look shithouse!). These designs are not on the same page and in fact in a different book altogether.

Antonio Citterio’s “Sity” lounges won B&B Italia the coveted Compasso D’Oro- Italy’s most prestigious Design award back in the mid-1980’s. Sity suites were available through SPACE furniture in Australia back in the day. The incredible thing is this suite comes with all the original Artes Studios / Arredorama paperwork including the receipts back from 1989! (Artes / Arredorama became SPACE Furniture in the 1990’s. Arredorama still exists today as a separate entity.) It’s one thing to be told that B & B Italia Sity suites sold for about AU$20,000 new back in the late-1980’s, it’s another to see it on an original store receipt. This suite sold for AU $24,292 back in 1989. Let’s ponder that for a moment… My parents bought our family home with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in Brisbane for $60,000 back in the mid-1980’s. With inflation, $24,292 is worth $55,628 in today’s money. This design was obviously much coveted and the durability is exceptional. Proof in that statement is in the condition of this suite after over 30 years of family use in their main lounge room. This suite presents extremely well for its age and is ready to be loved in someone else’s home.

These are really well-made lounge suites- the sub-structure is solid STEEL with moulded foam over it. The cushioning is so high in quality that it has had NO degradation at all after 32 years of use. Under the moulded foam is metal springs (that’s my educated guess)- the base has springiness to it and the moulded foam provides plushness but nice support also. This is comfort at its best. You can lie all over this and it has also been designed to put your feet up on. Its casual comfort- suited for both sitting and “slothing around” for TV marathons. The leather is TOP-QUALITY Italian full-grain leather and can be easily cleaned and maintained.

The above should make the investment appeal of this suite obvious but if you peruse 1st Dibs you’ll see various pieces in this design that have MUCH heftier price tags on them today. (This suite is labelled under the cushions and also embossed with the B & B Italia label in the leather of each armrest.) At our price this is an investment- there’s no reason I can see why this won’t be worth more when you come to sell it in the future. I can’t think of any better way to buy …well you’re not really buying- you’re investing. The best vintage designs retain their value or increase in value as you get to use them. If you research the Sity design, there are NO online complaints about the design and workmanship- none- (after 35 years). There’s no better way to invest in your home, reduce landfill and by supporting iNVISeDGE you’re investing in an Australian small business that has been battling in the background for 20 years!



As the photos show, ALL 4 PIECES of this lounge suite are in excellent condition for the age. The construction is VERY solid- thick steel frame and moulded foam- virtually nothing could happen to this design. The suite is strong and sturdy with NO cracks around any joint, NO movement or wobbles, NO breaks, NO repairs, nothing of that sort. The foam is in amazing condition for a suite of this age. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The original leather upholstery is in excellent condition for a suite that’s been used for 32 years. The leather has NO splits, NO holes, NO cracks into the leather but it does have minor signs of use (mainly creases, which are not unsightly but certainly there when you scrutinise the leather more closely). The suite was refreshed by an expert leather technician 7 years ago and looks great. If the paint finish is maintained, I see no reason why this leather won’t last forever. This is THICK, Italian VINTAGE leather back when leather was leather. (Before China discovered ways to process leather and get several layers of “leather mixed heavily with glue” out of one leather hide.) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The seat and back cushions are all loose so a breeze to reupholster- simply take the covers with new fabric to anyone with a sewing machine. It’s not a hard job. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The base sections are also not hard to re-upholster. If you ever want to re-upholster the full suite down the track, be adventurous (but still measured)- you’ll be rewarded for it. You’ll have something that everyone will go nuts for and if you choose well, you should elevate the value of this suite. It looks great as it is though- there’s no need for re-upholstery at the moment. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This suite presents really well as a whole- it’s ready to be used and loved right now (but is not in “as new” condition. Research “B & B Italia Sity” online and see what this could be turned into in the future for very little cost). ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This suite measures Xm along the full back. The length (along the rounded chaise section) is very likely to be 1.58m- this was taken from the previous Sity suite we sold 5 years ago. (This suite separates into 4 PIECES.) The width opposite the rounded chaise section is Xm. The seat height is 40cm (this again has been taken from our previous listing. Total height- 69.5cm (again taken from our previous listing). The smallest piece that’s almost a square is Xm. For FREIGHT. TOTAL for all 4 pieces- X cubic metres. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Read my 1200+ ebay feedback comments (ALL are for vintage furniture and decorative arts SALES) to be assured that all my items are in excellent condition and that I strive to describe all my items as accurately as I can.
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