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This Moon System Sofa by B & B Italia SOLD in August 2020. It was listed at OFFERS OVER $3695 and attracted about 10 offers for MORE than $3695. I will not be disclosing the final sale price for this piece as requested by our buyer. RRP NEW- AU $18,000!

SOLD from Morayfield, North Brisbane and has already been transported to our lucky buyer in Melbourne.


Provenance and Background Info

(Written in 2020- values and some information will be time-sensitive)

I haven’t enjoyed photographing something so much in years! What an incredible design! The longer I worked with this suite the more inspired I became- it might well be the most incredible lounge I’ve ever come across. The curvaceous, sculptural essence borders on unbelievable. It was designed by Zaha Hadid for B & B Italia in 2007. Called the “Moon System”, this lounge suite was purchased new from SPACE Furniture in 2013 for approx. AU $18 000! This is a RARE opportunity to acquire a design icon at a fraction of its real value. The chances of finding another one second-hand is close to zero. I trawled the internet for about an hour and found NONE others on the secondary market WORLDWIDE. I’d say there are only about 10 in existence in Australia- you could be waiting quite a few years to get another one second-hand!

The “Moon System” sofa expresses the happy meeting of B&B Italia with world-famous architect, Zaha Hadid. The suite reflects B&B Italia’s typical inclination to experiment, coupled with the long-standing research by Zaha Hadid on the complexity of curved geometries. “Moon System” contains references to futuristic sculptures and buildings created by Hadid. Moon System is a continuous, stylistic shape and an incredible blend of ergonomics and aesthetics. I personally LOVE the comfort! I hate those soft lounges where you have no support and pray to God, you’ll be able to fight your way of when you have to get up! The ergonomic success of this piece is one of the biggest parts of the appeal for me. Hadid was not going to create an AU $18,000 lounge and not get the angles, support and plushness right! My back loves this piece. The angles are perfect and this sofa is supportive- it holds you in a very comfortable but relaxed position. You can sit in this sofa for conversations but it’s also brilliant to lie out on for hours and put your legs out in any way- great for Netflix binges! The curved backrest seems to just hug you- it’s a very comforting piece to have around. If you happen to want extra plushness (I personally wouldn’t) you can also put a cool-shaped cushion on it.

The Moon System sofa is characterized by its highly dynamic shape- it’s a single block with a sculptural footrest that can be concealed within the curved indentation at the front of the sofa. The name “Moon System”, takes obvious cues from its futuristic appearance- it looks like some type of flying object about to traverse outer-space! This suite is stunning from EVERY angle- for maximum expression, place it in the centre of your environment- see the screenshots taken from the B & B Italia website for inspiration.

The fabric on this piece is incredible- resilient, thick and incredibly durable. This piece came out of the office foyer of a building in Brisbane City- this commercial-grade B & B Italia fabric was chosen for its durability and its “set-and-forget” nature. It shows very little wear, if any. Only a couple minor mishaps- which would have been from moving it- not whilst institu- use the MAGNIFYING GLASS FOR THE LAST 20 PHOTOS TO INSPECT EVERY SQUARE INCH OF THIS SUITE.

B&B Italia is not only synonymous with experimentation but for SUPERIOR CONSTRUCTION. This piece will passed onto another generation and will inspire for a long time to come (maybe centuries if our earth lasts that long!). To top it off the price is basically the same as something mass-produced with NO consideration given to quality and craftsmanship- this upholstery job here (mainly done by hand) is just meticulous and incredible! There’s no better way I can think of to invest in your home and reduce landfill. (At this price this piece set to INCREASE in value in the future after you’ve got to use it and enjoy having it your home- it’s a win for you financially and also for our environment!)

2007 and R 2009.3

B & B Italia Moon System Sofa- Installation Procedure
1. Start by unzipping the cover on chaise end of the sofa piece as far as necessary to expose the outer of the foam arm underneath. Be careful ensuring to work the cover back- help push the foam down where necessary. These zips are very strong and it is strongly advised to take care.
2. Align chaise into position.
3. Insert the long 10mm bolts into and through the arm of the sofa and fix them to the chaise. There are two in total about 30cm apart (use your fingers to feel the location of the holes through the cover – The second hole will only just be exposed due to the tight fit of the cover). Insert a 10mm hex / Allen key into the 10mm bolts and screw until firm. We recommend using the short side of the key so you’ve got more leverage for screwing the bolt in place. Yes, the hole seems deep to use the short side of the key but it will reach if you try. Alternatively you could use the long side of the key and use some pliers at the short end of the key for the leverage you’ll need. A second person may be required to align correctly for ease of screwing.
4. Make sure screw holes / brackets are aligned at the FRONT, AND THEN underneath the REAR of the chaise join. (Front bracket has 1 x screw each side – back bracket had 2 x screws each side but only one screw may be removed). Screw until firm (upside down method may be of assistance here to relieve any tension on the bracket / holes).
5. If step 4 is difficult, flip the sofa once you have secured the front join bracket plate. This should relieve stress and make the bottom rear screws easier to insert. Don’t be afraid to use a hammer to tap the hex key once you have it secured with your other hand to get past any parts that may be catching.
2007 & R 2009.3
This suite is overall in excellent condition. Please use the Magnifying Glass function for all the close-up photos (ie. the last 20 photos in this listing) to get close and personal with this suite and clearly see every square inch of each piece. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This piece measures 288cm at its widest point. The oblique line running from the outer tip of the smaller end of the sofa to the end tip of the chaise section (where your legs stretch out on) is about 240cm- it was hard to get this to the exact centimetre- we measured it 5 times and each time we got a different figure so in the end I took an average of those 5 measurements!
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