Listing price is for the FULL SUITE- set of 4 dining chairs AND THE EXTENSION TABLE. This suite SOLD in iNVISeDGE for $1200 in 2011. Today in 2018 I’d stock the exact same suite including the table for $1400. This listing has been uploaded for research purposes and for people to express interest in buying or selling a similar item through iNVISeDGE. Click on the links below.


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Provenance and Background Info

(Written in 2011. This listing price is for the FULL SUITE- the set of 4 dining chairs AND THE EXTENSION TABLE. The FULL suite SOLD in iNVISeDGE for $1200 in 2011 (for the TABLE & 4 CHAIRS). Today in 2018 I’d stock the exact same suite- table with the 4 chairs- for $1400.

For photos of the matching Brescia Extension Dining Table visit our matching listing-

invisedge.com.au/product/brescia table

A set of FOUR sculptural Italian TIMBER dining chairs. These chairs were retailed by Brescia Furniture in Sydney- designed and made in ITALY. This suite was purchased by the original owners about 4 years ago who sold it to upgrade to a larger suite. I love the intriguing shape of these chairs. They have the sculptural elegance of Danish furniture but the Italians have shown their flair for design and added something extra with this style. They’re unlike anything I’ve seen before and certainly noticed. The quality of the construction is exceptional. After 4 years of use all chair joints are 100% solid with no movement AT ALL. The joint design is one I’ve seen before in high-end chairs- the suite was certainly built to last. The seat section (under the upholstery) is timber- this is much more expensive to produce compared to webbed seat sections (webbing needs to be updated over time as well). The padding on the seats feels like a rubberized high-density pad which is sleek-looking and comfortable. For a dining chair the overall comfort is standard- they are neither highly comfortable nor uncomfortable. The chairs also have a very high-quality finish. This finish is strong, durable, resistant to knocks and looks great.

The TABLE IS IN A SEPARATE LISTING so customers have more photos and more information about each part of the suite. The table WILL NOT be sold until the chairs have. The suite together is perfect for a small apartment and looks brilliant set up.

This full suite would have retailed in Brescia Furniture for about $4000 for the 4 a few years ago. It shows minimal signs of use making this suite is great value for money. For a small apartment you’d be hard-pressed to find a better investment. This meticulously-made ITALIAN designer suite will be sure to tell stories for many years to come.

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