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Background Info and Provenance

(Written in 2014. Sold within a few days of being listed online for $1895. This is a great investment for this customer. I’ve seen nothing like it since (now 2018). )

A Bullfrog leather sofa with an amazing design. Bullfrog is a German furniture design company that sells through various boutique furniture stores throughout Europe and Canada. I’m not sure how this piece came to Australia. I come across about 5000 different pieces of furniture most weeks in this job but I’ve never seen any other Bullfrog pieces in Australia. Bullfrog items are constructed in Germany and their items are of the highest quality. I have not seen a lounge with construction qualities any better than this. The inner frame is steel – yes King Furniture have steel frame lounges as well but they are in standard box shapes (straight pieces of steel)- the steel frame on this lounge has been engineered to form curves. The springs are metal which is better quality than standard elasticized webbing. The leather is luxurious- soft, supple and resilient (this is what it looks like after being used for 5 years). The back is also curved to cradle your back nicely and to top it off there are two matching cushions included for extra comfort- these are filled with feathers for extra softness and luxury.

I like the versatility this lounge offers. It has a wide seat so you can put your legs up in a sitting position but still get support for your back. With the cushions behind you can adopt a normal sitting posture. This piece is also wide enough for someone to comfortably sleep on it. On top of all this the footstool can be used to create a chaise section to lie your legs out on or it can be manoeuvred about 240 degrees into various positions or right beside the main part of the lounge so that it creates more seating. If it was needed you could seat 4 people on this lounge.

This lounge suite is perfect for an apartment- it does everything you’d ever need it to but it doesn’t take up too much space. And the best part is obvious! Look at the curves … look at the shape. You don’t find lounges that look this stunning too often. I haven’t stocked a modernist leather lounge for some time now just waiting for something like this to come along.

Bullfrog, Germany is synonymous with quality in both detail and engineering so you’re investing in something that will last. I would be more than happy to represent this lounge again if you choose to invest in it and need a change years down the track. If you’d like to see more of this German company’s work Google, “dadeartanddesignlab Bullfrog”.

B & B Italia has a lounge in a very similar shape to this and it retails for about $18 000 in leather (readily available in SPACE Furniture)- I couldn’t see any difference in quality compared with this German piece. And this Bullfrog piece us NOT readily available anywhere. (It was most likely bought into Australia by an interior designer.)

This lounge has been used for 5 years (and looks amazing!) which gives irrefutable evidence of the quality of what’s on offer. White lounges don’t look like this much use unless the quality is top-notch. There are very few better ways to invest in your home and reduce landfill. In the same league as Cassina, B & B Italia and Edra.

This suite has SOLD!
This suite has SOLD!
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