Our listed price is AU $240 for the Cobalt Holmegaard Gulvase WITH LABEL only. Our prices are in Australian dollars which is significantly LESS in American dollars. We post WORLD-WIDE from North Brisbane at cost price plus $3 for packing and storing used packing materials.We regularly visit an electrical store and take away their clean, used packing material before it ends up as landfill. This listing also appears for research purposes and for sellers who’d like to sell similar items through iNVISeDGE. Our commission fee for selling an item like this on your behalf is 10% – 18.5% depending on what you need from us.


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Our listed price is AU $240 for the tall Cobalt BLUE Holmegaard Gulvase WITH LABEL. Our prices are in Australian dollars which is significantly LESS in American dollars.

The Cobalt Gulvase has since SOLD for $240– all the others are still available! SEE BELOW.

Other art glass in the group photos available at the time of writing. (Some of these prices may only apply if a full listing is not needed for them- they’re all in great condition- naturally!)

Orange/Amber Holmegaard Gulvase w/ Label- AU$250

Smaller Blue Gulvase with more square form and less flared at the top (has Holmegaard Odense Factory Label underneath)- AU $150

Light Sky Blue Carnaby Holmegaard (white casing) with Holmegaard Odense Factory Label- AU $329

Vibrant Transparent Blue Bottle Vase- vintage Swedish piece most likely Elme- tapered neck without the flared top- AU $72

Tall Sleek Orrefors Smoky Decanter with darker stopper- AU $150

Grey Ovoid Piece (like a bubble) Wedgewood Acid Mark Underneath- $50 (only if purchased with another item)


A strong investment piece and great addition to any mid-century glass collection, Holmegaard’s Gulvase (from Denmark) is a design classic and 50 years on is still one of the most iconic glass designs ever made. This design is simple, almost painfully so, but ingeniously eye-catching. Designed by OTTO BRAUER in 1962 the Gulvase was made in a range of colours- the vibrant cobalt blue colour really anchors a group display- take this one out of any of the group photos here and the group would be nowhere near as good!

Gulvases are hard to get and consistently fetch solid prices worldwide- particularly the LABELLED ones. (Most Gulvases are not labelled which makes this one a much more special find). Replicas have been made- labelled Gulvases are a very smart investment- these NEVER lose value and never go out of style!

In Australia, Gulvases are at least 50 times rarer than Europe (and in Europe they’re very collectable). Tagged Gulvases tend to fetch $AU90 to $120 MORE than ones without labels.

When you come into contact with an object like the Gulvase you’re experiencing more than just a piece of  art glass- some of Holmegaard’s designers were amongst the most influential creators of our time. This piece symbolises that when something is done well- with creativity, ingenuity and an eye for detail- it lives on forever. And the cheap Chinese imports? 98% of those end up as landfill within a matter of years. There are very few better ways to invest in your home and our environment.


This vintage piece is in excellent condition for its age with no noticeable damage to report at all. NO cracks or chips. It presents extremely well for its age. It has one insignificant blemish down near the label but on the other side. I believe this is from a burst air bubble in the surface of the glass during its creation. It's not noticed at all unless you're a nit-picker! This area has been photographed clearly- use the magnifying glass. The piece is vintage so also has other signs of use but nothing worth noting. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This item has a height of 30cm and measures 11.5cm across the base. Weight- 945 grams. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Read my 1200+ feedback comments (ALL for vintage design SALES)- 100 or so are from repeat customers. This is your guarantee that I strive to describe all my items as accurately as I can and I will not stock items unless they are in excellent condition.
PICK-UP . . . from 30 or 40 minutes North of BRISBANE city is accepted but postage is preferred as my home is hard to find. Because of this I will nominate a friend or family member for you to collect the item from if you need collection. Pick-up in person must be worked out prior to purchase- thank you. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ POSTAGE is offered internationally. All our Decorative Arts pieces are delivered through AUSTRALIA POST. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ POSTAGE ESTIMATES. . . . ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ To BRISBANE- most of our pieces cost $15 - $18 to send. . . To SYDNEY or MELBOURNE- Small Vase- around $20 - $23, Medium Vase- around $20 - $25, Large Vase- around $24 - $30. Let us know if you need an EXACT COST for postage prior to purchase. The above postage estimates include $2.95 for a signature on delivery. . . INSURANCE against being lost or broken in transit up to the value of $200 is included in the estimates above. If your vase is cheaper or more expensive than $200 this will effect your postage fee slightly. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A BOXING FEE of $3.00 is included in the fee above to cover the cost of searching for and storing used packing materials. With the millions of cardboard boxes that end up as landfill every year we don’t believe in supporting the manufacture of boxes for post. Instead of buying new boxes and packing materials and passing this cost onto our customers we spend considerable time sourcing used boxes and then fashioning boxes to fit each item. We do the same for bubble-wrap and foam pieces. This requires a large investment of time, energy, ingenuity, organization and storage space- it is much easier and cheaper to buy new packing materials but I can’t justify taking the easy way out when so much packing material ends up polluting our earth. Our $3.00 charge does little to pay for the time (and storage) needed do this and to pack your item (there is also the time needed to get your package to the post office). This is something we’re happy to do for our customers and the environment. We appreciate your support in this area.
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