This listing is for the 4-seater Kenneth Cobonpue “Croissant” sofa ONLY. The iNVISeDGE price is OFFERS OVER $3800 (in brilliant used condition!) The NEW ones are selling in America for almost AU $12,000!


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This listing is for the 4-seater Kenneth Cobonpue “Croissant” sofa ONLY. RRP- new approx AU $12,000! The iNVISeDGE price is OFFERS OVER $3800 (in amazing used condition!) There are various display photos in this listing to show you how stunning the design is (most are of a Cobonpue suite we sold back in 2017). There are NO chairs available this time! (You can buy the chairs new (directly from Kenneth Cobonpue). The actual sofa on offer in this listing is shown in front of the bay windows. I have also included about 6 close-up photos of the sofa being sold (taken on our vendor’s phone). The vendor has sent me about 20 close-up photos showing every square inch of the sofa. These photos will be sent to a buyer prior to opening up a transaction.

LOCATION- being sold under consignment by a private seller in Princes Hill, MELBOURNE but we can arrange transport for you AUSTRALIA-WIDE. It’d cost about $330 to get this sofa to SYDNEY (to give you an idea of interstate transport costs via a specialist furniture carrier).

We sold one of these suites way back in 2017. This is the first one I’ve seen in Australia since then- either new or on the secondary market. To my knowledge they are not currently being sold in Australia- not many of these have ever been sold in Australia. A RARE investment piece!

Background Info and Provenance

(Written in 2017 but updated for this current listing in 2022.)

A 4-seater Kenneth Cobonpue sofa in his famous “Croissant” design. Kenneth Cobonpue is one of those design geniuses who does his own thing and everything he comes out with is a hit. Peruse his website to be inspired and surprised … and expect to say, “wow” more than a few times. It takes a lot for furniture to catch my eye these days- I fell in love with this design in a heart-beat. Perfect for a beach apartment or by the poolside (that’s undercover) or inside your home because of the refined designer look, this sofa conjures up lazy holidays, afternoon siestas and relaxed morning coffees.

This sofa ticks every box. Lovingly HAND-CRAFTED, this piece brims with life-energy and will give your space a creative, earthy slant. Hand-crafted items retain their value like no other (countless hours have gone into hand-weaving this suite) making this special sofa is a solid investment piece. On top of this, these sofas are currently being retailed NEW for around AU $12,000 overseas (IF they were being sold in Australia they’d be priced about the same plus there’d be a 14-week wait time!). At our price, the investment appeal here is a no brainer!

This sofa also ticks the comfort box and resoundingly so- I was pleasantly surprised. The comfort is exactly what you’d want in a sofa like this- EASY to lie all over, SLEEP all over and generally sloth around on! As described on the Cobonpue website, the low, curved arms “beckon to be reclined upon”. Because of the curve they’re great to lie on.

The actual sofa on offer in this listing is about 15 years old- the vendor has assured me it has been lied all over a lot (even by many teenage boys). The design has stood up perfectly to lots of use- “we have not been precious with this sofa at all”. These are the exact words she used to me to describe her sofa. “We’ve even had teenager boys sleep on it for sleepovers!”

The actual structure is metal (and it’s a metal that hasn’t rusted at all in about 15 years). The structure itself is basically indestructible- the small cane strands (which are decorative only) are also thick and extremely hardy.

These are loose cushions sitting on the frame which means the covers can easily be machine-washed at any time (just return them to the cushions whilst damp to prevent shrinkage). This also is as practical as it gets. The existing covers are starting to look tired- if you want to update the look, simply unzip the covers and take them with new fabric to anyone with a sewing machine– it’s a quick, easy (and inexpensive) job.

Additionally, looks also get a resounding tick. Certainly timeless- this design is over 15 years old now and is still being made to this day. I can’t see it ever going out of style. This design is not over the top and has a flow that’s not only pleasing but very practical as far as the comfort goes. I also love its earthy slant- many modern designer furniture pieces can look cold and clinical- this is the opposite of that.

This is the second Cobonpue furniture lot I’ve ever come across on the secondary market (in 21 years of trading)- miss it and I doubt you’ll see another one again. Investing in HAND-CRAFTED items that become more popular over the years is the best way to invest in your home and reduce landfill. Cobonpue’s items are bound to continue telling stories well after you and I have gone. (And increase in value over the years like they already have. In 2007 they were selling new for about AU $8,000 each. They’re now selling new for around AU $12,000.)

NOTE- The listing is for the 4-seater sofa only!

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This piece is about 15 years old and in sensational condition overall. The sofa is strong and sturdy. The frame is steel and very strong. The cane used for the weaving is very thick and hardy. The sofa has NO broken strands at all. The vendor has sent me about 20 photos on my phone showing every square inch of the sofa. There is NO damage- one small scuff to one piece of cane that's nothing- that's it! She's also sent me several videos. I will forward these on to a potential buyer before we open a transaction. These Cobonpue lounges are hard to damage unless you really try hard. The seat cover is very tired and has a few marks (it's 15 years old). It's probably ready to be replaced but you could also try unzipping it and giving it a good soak in Napisan or bleach and then completing the clean in the washing machine on the gentle cycle with some washing detergent. Just replace the covers whilst still damp to prevent shrinkage. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The piece has been used a lot but has been very well looked-after. Measurements. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Please read our 1200+ feedback comments on ebay (all for vintage furniture / decorative arts SALES!) to be assured that the piece is as described. Ebay feedback can only be left by legitimate buyers only.
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