The listing price is for the 3.5-seater SOFA only! The other 2 pieces are priced separately. LOCATION- Brisbane Northside (Morayfield). This listing has also been uploaded for people to express interest in buying OR SELLING a similar suite. Call us on the number provided for BUYING enquiries or SMS us for selling enquiries. (If you email us and don’t get a reply, please use the phone because some of our emails are blocked and never seen by us.)


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LOCATION– Our BRISBANE Northside Depot at Morayfield but can be delivered Australia-wide for a reasonable additional fee.

NOTE- this listing price is for the 3.5-SEATER sofa only- the matching pair of armchairs are priced SEPARATELY.

Background Info and Provenance

A 3.5-seater “Astor” sofa retailed by Coco Republic (an Australian company) about 24 years ago for $5500… to be completely accurate the suite was stocked by Town & Country. (The value of $5500 was from the late-1990’s- these days with inflation, $5500 would now be worth $9767 !). Town & Country re-branded to become Coco Republic about 15 years ago. At the price it sold for back then there are very few of these around. I love the mix of earthiness and chic designer. The oak timber and cane inserts gives it a natural, earthy look but the stunning curves create a dynamic design that’s certainly noticed but is not harsh and clinical like most designer furniture these days.

Because this suite was stocked by Coco Republic the quality is assured- it’s extremely solid furniture made BY HAND in the USA and crafted to last generations. I sold another suite like this some years ago (it sold in 2 days) and that suite had labels underneath that read, made by Southern Furniture Company of North Carolina, USA. (This suite does not have any labels- most in this design don’t.) Coco Republic scouts the world for the best furniture design and craftsmanship. Southern Furniture Company began over 130 years ago and is regarded an international industry leader. The owner of the company served as President of the American Furniture Manufacturer’s Association in the mid-1990’s which was when this design was created. This design has been one of Coco Republic’s most-heralded.

The SOLID OAK frame construction is stunning but also solid, HEAVY and durable. This suite is about 24 years old (and has had very solid use). The suite was re-upholstered about 6 years ago in a high-quality canvas / denim-type fabric- the upholstery is thick and very hardy. This suite has had SOLID FAMILY USE since it was reupholstered- it’s obvious in the fabric (only) that kids have had free reign of this suite but the fabric itself is not really worn or tattered … just FILTHY! (I’d say a good soaking in Napisan would get the covers very clean- it’s virtually all just DIRT!) The seat cushions and back cushions are separate to the frame AND FULLY REVERSIBLE which makes the suite very practical. When the covers get a bit grubby simply flip them over or unzip them and soak / machine-wash them. (Return them to the cushions whilst damp to prevent shrinkage). This means re-upholstery of the cushions is also dead-easy making the whole suite a smart choice for families with young children or in any heavy-use situation. Durability, handcrafted construction, stunning looks but comfort hasn’t been compromised.

The cushions are plush and soft so this suite is nice to sink into. The seat cushions are a bit firmer providing support but also the right degree of springiness. Under the cushion is a metal seat spring-system. This is not only a sign of quality but provides the highest comfort in a seat (and it’s a LOT more durable than normal strapping).

This full suite retailed for about $12,000 about 24 years ago and is set to become a future antique. Like Parker, Rosando Bros and Zoureff shine above the pack today so too will some of Coco Republic selections in 50 years from now.

Trends come and go but when furniture built 24 years ago still stands out, it has come to supersede trends. And, when a lounge  frame looks like this after 24 years of use, you’re guaranteed of the quality you’ll be getting. (These frames were built to last GENERATIONS- they’re a LOT more solid and durable than a Parker lounge frame.) There are very few better ways to invest in your home and reduce landfill.

NOTE- This listing price is for the 3.5 seater SOFA only.

This 3.5 seater sofa frame is about 24 years old and in excellent condition for its age. The construction qualities are brilliant- very solid and sturdy. There is NO movement in any joint, NO repairs, NO structural defects, NO cracks, NO splits- nothing of the sort. Cosmetically the frame presents extremely well. The sofa frame shows minor signs of use- NO abuse, NO misuse. Under the curved cane sections is solid timber which means the cane is fully supported and can’t be pushed in or damaged. (Unlike virtually all the furniture that’s out there that looks similar to this.) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The upholstery is FILTHY. I honestly believe that some stain remover and a dam-good soak in Napisan would get these covers clean- it's nearly all just DIRT! It's obvious kids have had free reign of the suite (which is good as far as the frame is concerned- it PROVES without any doubt that these frames are a QUALITY, DURABLE build. The fabric itself is high-quality- it is NOT worn or tattered ... just very dirty but being white it is very easy to clean ... the covers could even be bleached however I don't think this is needed. The back cushion is NOT original- the back is supposed to have 3 cushions that sit snuggly across it. (The single-seaters still have the original cushions so you could easily get an idea as to what the cushions should be from them. The current cushion is actually comfortable- it just doesn't look that good and the cover on the back cushion is pretty rudimentary. The seat cushions look like they were professionally sewn up- the back cushions don't- but they do the job). The back and front fabric on the frame has been wrapped over by a home hobbyist- this could be done by an amateur with a sewing machine and an upholstery stapler- it's actually not hard to do at all. I think the fabric underneath would actually present well. I didn't want to rip all the covering fabric off to find out. When in use the back and front edge don't get touched at all so my experience with this design is that those fabric pieces are generally in very good condition. I wanted to wash these covers- because I think they'll come up very well and it would be satisfying- but I choose not to own a car and the suite is at my storage unit with no electricity so no washing machine AND THE COVERS SHOULD BE REPLACED WHILST STILL DAMP TO PREVENT SHRINKAGE... ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A few small pieces of cane are broken but this is not noticed and won't get any worse. THE CANE IS TIGHT AND SUPPORTED UNDERNEATH BY SOLID TIMBER- the cane can't be pushed in and is purely decorative. The broken strands are in a few spots on the inside of the armrest section. The piece has been clearly photographed in very good light. These areas are clear in our array of photos. Click on the magnifying tool to get the photo to cover the full screen- click on it again to supersize the image. Then scroll over the area you want to look at very closely. As shown in the photos it's very hard to notice- this is how it is in person. It's a pedantic comment as it doesn't affect the sofa at all and is not noticeable unless you really want to look for it. The frame will last forever with normal use. When the upholstery starts to become too tired re-upholstery is a breeze. Take the old covers and new fabric to anyone with a sewing machine. It’s not a hard job nor costly. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The inner cushioning for the seat cushions are all good. The springs under the seats are all in brilliant condition. The dust covers FOR THE SINGLE SEATERS- the armchairs are not included in this price- have come away from the frames in places but this is not noticed until you turn the chairs upside down! ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Measurements. 3-SEATER SOFA: Across- 219cm. Depth- 87cm. Total Height- 72.5cm. Seat Height- 41cm. ARMCHAIRS: Across- 111cm. Depth- 87cm. Total Height- 72.5cm. FOR FREIGHT- height is 64cm because the back cushion can sit flat along the seats of all 3 pieces. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The pair of chairs are priced SEPARATELY. The condition of the pair of chairs is exactly the same as the 3.5-seater sofa. Consult the description above. One of the chairs also has a few broken strands cane on the inside of one armrest. Again, shown in our photos and again it's only noticed if you're really looking for it. The cane is tight and supported by solid timber underneath. Super-size the images by clicking on the Magnifying Tool. Click on the image again to make it even bigger- then scroll over the areas you want to look at very close-up. The suite is clearly depicted in our photos. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The single-seaters measure- 111cm Across. 87cm Deep. 65cm Timber Height. (Total height is about 72.5cm).
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