This sofa SOLD through iNVISeDGE in 2015 for $1195 (it was in excellent condition). Today in 2019 I’d price the exact same piece at $1295 – $1350. This listing has been uploaded for research purposes and for people to express interest in buying or selling a similar item through iNVISeDGE. Click on the links below to express your interest.


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This full lounge suite SOLD through iNVISeDGE in 2015 for $2400 (for BOTH armchairs and the 3-seater couch). Today in 2019 I’d price the exact same suite at about $2600 (for all 3 pieces). The listing price is for the 3.5-seater sofa only.

Background Info and Provenance

A VINTAGE 3-seater designer lounge / sofa. I’m almost certain this was done by Danish Deluxe of Melbourne. It has the date stamped underneath on a label that’s almost completely faded- it’s 1968 or 1969. I’d say this may have been an authentic Danish design that Danish Deluxe had the license to produce. I have not come across this exact design in over 14 years of being in this business- to say it’s rare is an understatement- I’ve come across over 5 million different pieces of furniture but this is the first suite like this that I’ve seen. The quality of this piece is exceptional. It’s heavy, solid and very strong. Just one aspect of the design that epitomises the quality is the latex cushioning in the seats. Latex is one of the most expensive cushions money can buy. In my opinion it’s the best- it’s spongy but dense so it’s incredibly supportive and it’s more durable than any cushioning I know. This lounge is over 45 years old but the cushions are all still in amazing condition.

This is also one of the most stunning lounge designs to come out of Australia. I love the boldness coupled with the peaceful flowing lines of the curved armrests. And the fabric is sensational. Earthy, slightly retro, there’s a little bit of interest in it and it complements the frame perfectly. It allows the curves and timber to take the attention- the fabric nestles in the background but when you look at the piece closer it then attracts its own attention.

This piece is extremely comfortable, DURABLE, it’s a solid investment and also looks stunning. I can’t think of anything more I’d want in a lounge.

Trends come and go but when an item built in 1969 attracts attention in 2015 and still has wow factor it has come to supersede trends. There’s no better way to invest in furniture. And to top it off this lounge is over 45-years old- the durability and quality of the construction is obvious when you see its condition all these years on. If you decide to invest in this sofa and need to sell it in the future approach me, I’d be happy to see it again. There are very few better ways to invest in your home and reduce landfill.

NOTE- There is also a matching PAIR of single-seater chairs priced SEPARATELY. Click into the iNVISeDGE Feature Chairs category to find them.

1802 possibly

This sofa is vintage (late 1960’s) and is in excellent condition for its age. The construction qualities are brilliant- the piece is solid and sturdy nearly 50 years on. There is no movement in any joint, no old repairs, no structural defects, no cracks in the timber- nothing of that sort. The piece shows minor signs of use- the timber has a few small bumps and there is minor wear (minor fading) to the fabric on the armrests. (To be expected.) This is not noticeable and certainly doesn’t spoil the piece. The photos are very clear and show this. The photos with the white background show the piece (and the colouring of the fabric) very accurately if the piece is going to be use in an area with strong light. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________      The fabric has no marks, no stains, no odours, no signs of use by pets or smokers, no careless damage. I’ve recently had to buy a new camera unfortunately- the Canon I bought was a dud even though I paid big dollars for it only 4 years ago. It was showing white circles in most of my photos. I have left two photos as they are- the white circles are obviously from the camera- not the lounge fabric. We’ve reduced these circles in all the other photos because they become distracting after a while. Any white haze is from these circles. Any signs of abnormality in the fabric is from us trying to reduce the white circles. The fabric is in brilliant condition for its age and apart from minor wear to the armrests the whole sofa including the upholstery is in brilliant condition. There are metal springs under the seat section- no rubberised straps that sag after awhile (like on Parker lounges)- this is another sign of the quality that’s on offer here. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________       This sofa measures 178cm across by about 80cm back with a height of 76cm. (Seat height is about 44cm at the top of the seat which is about the same as a dining chair.) Depth of seat is 52cm. Read my 1100+ feedback comments (ALL for furniture and decorative arts SALES) to be assured that the lounges are described as accurately as possible and that I will not purchase items of inferior quality or that have significant cosmetic flaws.
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