This dining table sold through iNVISeDGE for $595 back in 2008. Today in 2019 I’d price the exact same table at around $940. If you have a similar item you’d like to sell get in contact with us. Our commission fee for selling an item like this is 18.5% & INCLUDED IN THE ABOVE PRICE!


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This dining table sold through iNVISeDGE for $595 back in 2008. Today in 2019 I’d price the exact same table at around $940 (it was priced for a quick sale at the time- I was moving my business) and these days I’m more aware than ever that to get something like this in SOLID TIMBER is basically impossible. This listing is for the dining table only- chairs are always priced SEPARATELY on our website! 

Provenance and Background Info

Description written in 2009

A classy dining table from the early 1960’s (or possibly even 1950’s). This piece boasts the very best quality workmanship and design. This is the only table in this style I’ve had in the 7 years I’ve been doing this that has a solid timber top with NO VENEER. No crappy Parker table “Weetbix chipboard” here that can swell, bubble, chip and can only be sanded back once or twice before it ends up as landfill. This table is meticulously constructed with solid timber planks that can be sanded back as many times as you want, making it a LIFE-TIME investment and something to be passed from this generation onto the next. This table has a beautifully refined style of Danish furniture. It could be a Danish piece but I think it’s more likely to have been made by one of the boutique makers of the era such as of the Rosando Brothers, Jakob Rudowski or Dario Zouref. It appears to have the design features of a couple of Jakob Rudowski pieces I’ve seen but I have no idea who made it. It has been crafted beautifully from solid timber and it’s a more “exotic timber” (not the standard teak and blackwood you usually see from the era). It looks like it could be Tasmania Myrtle but I don’t know for sure.

Boasting versatility and beauty, this is perfect as a dining table in a small area and can fit 6 chairs but could also be just as ideal as a desk. If you later move to a bigger house this one would then be handy to use in the study or kitchen. The beautifully rounded edges and a stylish slender shape give this one a touch of wow-factor. It also presents very well overall- the timber is beautiful and in excellent condition. This table certainly won’t lose any value (unlike any new dining table of today) and has construction qualities that have ensured it’s solid, strong and looks amazing after over 40 years of use! Why buy furniture when you can invest in it instead?

Ref- 1908

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